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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Obamacare Unconstitutional - How Did This Happen?

Thanks to readers Robin and Michael for the link :

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  1. Brilliant and prescient as usual.

  2. I hope the creators of xtranormal get filthy rich. I love these videos.

  3. Liberals, naturally being miserable beings themselves, will always try to Control, Manipulate, Run, and thus Ruin and Destroy, everyone's personal, private, and or, public lives, just so they can make themselves politically happy.. ie; Obamacare.. regardless, and or, in spite of, the UnConstitutionality of it.. as they see the U.S. Constitution, as a Nuisance, or a Hindrance, and is something to be either ignored, or nullified, instead of the adhering to it, as the Law of the Land, which to them, just interferes with their Liberal Anti-American, Socialist Marxist Agenda..