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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Kings of Nothing Still Control The Rotunda

My first reaction to news that the police in Madison went back on their intention to clear the state Capitol of overnight protesters was one of indignation.  This certainly seemed like a manifestation of the police union intent to side with their fellow union protesters against state authority.

But let's keep things in perspective.

The unions and Democrats got trounced in November at the voting booth.  The paltry turnout around the country despite a call by MoveOn.org and the unions for massive protests Saturday demonstrates that nothing has changed. 

The voters understand that we cannot continue along the path we are on, and those who stand in the way of the voters have little chance for success.

The public sector unions and their supporters control the rotunda at the state Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, but their control over state finances is coming to an end.

They are the Kings of Nothing, and they know it.

(As an aside, watching this video reminds me how great it was to grow up in the 70's.)

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  1. I think given the circumstances what the police did was what was best. If the police had cracked down and the public viewed those actions as being heavy handed, it could have shifted public support.

  2. You are correct about keeping things in perspective. Hopefully the Republicans will persevere, and bring this to victory.

    You note: "(As an aside, watching this video reminds me how great it was to grow up in the 70's.)"

    Love the hair! I grew up in the '70s, too; looks like this crowd had that "freedom" always being lamented. More so than our youth today.

    BTW - it's this crowd (the hippies), by and large, that are scr*wing the nation now. They never grew up, but are in positions of power. Stealing the very freedom they so desperately craved from their children and future generations. *sigh*

  3. I always loved that song. And I agree that the 70s were a great time to grow up!

  4. Great song from a great album....I think the title was "Unborn Child".Only pro-life singers that I recall were Seals and Croft.Gentle people.

  5. I can't tell the difference between the unions and Charlie Sheen anymore.

  6. 16:24 here:
    '70s dreaming... although the results have varied...