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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gingrich's Fundraising

In the Washington Post today there was an article detailing Newt Gingrich's "financial empire." The prospective 2012-er has a lot of fundraising potential, sure, but I always found him to be a bit distasteful in the way that he goes about it. "[Some] American Solutions calls begin with slanted polling questions before proceeding to a request for money. The tactic, known as "fundraising under the guise of research," or frugging, is discouraged as unethical by trade groups such as the Marketing Research Association." He picks up on trends and adjusts accordingly. To Save America with Al Sharpton and Arne Duncan? "Tripartisan" solutions? Dede Sc---... NY-23? I think Gingrich is a smart fellow, but I guess I just don't trust the guy because he'll make ton of money and a non-profit for nearly any hot issue he can commodify.

Of course, I knew this was WaPo when I noticed that they didn't even mention the fellow who led the RNC during Newt's summit to glory, Haley Barbour.

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  1. Newt needs to stand down and let someone better qualified with less baggage take the point. And that better not be Mitt Romney or any of that crowd that is so beloved by the left wing (until they're nominated).

    I don't much care who is on the ticket in 2012 as long as Herman Cain is there somewhere along with Sarah Palin!

  2. Eft couldn't control his corrupt greedy impulses even when he was House Speaker, why should anyone expect that he would be ethical once it is LEGAL to be unethical? Go away Eft, we are very tired of you.

  3. He ran Jim Wright out of office for writing a book and making $Millions from it. Shortly thereafter he wrote a book and got $Millons. He cheated on his wife,and is pretty much a 'Hustler'. Why Fox has this bum and his twin Dick Morris is beyond me.

  4. The reason he "reaches across the aisle" is as a temporizing tactic when public opinion is unfavorable. We really do not have anyone in his class as far as intellectual heft and ability to strategize. Discarding someone like him because of distaste is why the Republicans are rightly considered the "dumb" party.

  5. He is smart. But, unfair as it may be, he's too short and carries too much baggage for a presidential run.

  6. Newt Gingrich is the best thing Republican's have going for them, and if Bill Clinton can remain "America's Most Popular President," as recent polls show, I think a lot of American's can give him a chance before shouting him down before the race has even begun for the very obvious blunders in his past. Besides, I'd pay good money to see him destroy Obama in a debate.. and I'm an independent.

  7. There's a place for Newt in '12, all right, but it's not at the top - and he's not gonna like that. Viscioussss and Coty make good points, but he's dropped the ball too many times to be totally trusted in the WH.

    The reason Dems go for BC is because they are Dems. They don't know any better. Except for Dems in AR, of course. They're still grinning about putting one over the rest of the country when they got shut of Willie.

  8. Okay, wait, Mitch Daniels is the smartest guy in the race. Have you ever heard him speak? Seen what he's done in Indiana?!