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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A New Breed

In Annandale, VA there is an election every year to appoint the president of the Civic Association:

This past election, to make the meeting move faster, only the names and qualifications of the candidates were announced. Running for president, Ms. Beatha Lee was described as a relatively new resident, interested in neighborhood activities and the outdoors, and who had experience in Maine overseeing an estate of 26 acres.

Though unfamiliar with Lee's name, the crowd of about 50 raised their hands, assuming that the candidate was a civic-minded newcomer. These days, it's hard to get anyone to volunteer to devote the time needed to serve as an officer. The slate that Lee headed was unanimously elected.... Only weeks later did many discover that their new president was, in fact, a dog. Ms. Beatha Lee is a shaggy, dirty-white Wheaten terrier.
Hey, at least that type of politician can be tamed!

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  1. Dogs come with papers showing their pedigree too. Unlike a certain president.

  2. I was gonna say something about that being a dog-gone shame but decided not to.

  3. @LukeHandCool . . . best in show! Not going to even try!

  4. Dogged democracy bests catty nastiness every time ,while, to assume is to make an ass of you and me. Epic fail, VA. This pooch will bite you hard in the haunches for your monkeying with civic assumption

    and with its canines.

  5. It's funny - and really, what's the difference between a dog and a Democrat who votes as he's told along party lines without reading the bill.

    Honestly, partisanship has gotten so bad that you really can fill in the votes without the candidate even being needed. Once they are elected and we know how many Rs and how many Ds, so we really need to waste money on their offices and staffs, lodging and transportation?

    I take it back. With the dog, you have honor and faithful service, and at least a 50/50 chance he'd hit the right button when voting.

  6. @Rose, you know, I think you're on to something! I went back and read the story, and even though there were a few people who were embarrassed, no one actually bitched about the result.

  7. I know it can be like a PC minefield when trying to seriously discuss these matters, but would I be wrong in assuming that the new president of the civic association, Ms. Beatha Lee, is a bitch?


    As Astro would say, "Ranks a Rot."

  8. @LukeHandCool


    Well, as long as we keep this from becoming a serious discussion, I think we'll be okay!

    Trochilus Dog, a mighty fine fox hound as you can see, sez the only way for him to be gender-specific would be face-to-face, or rather face to . . . oh well,

    "Never mind!" sezee.

    Suffice it to say, he would likely add that proper and positive identification comes via a time-honored method that cannot be accomplished over the internet. So, to further quote him . . .

    "I can't be sure!" sezee.

    Technically, or at least strictly speaking, a "dog" by definition is a male canine. But, that is not the narrow way most people use the term.

    In fact, some folks do not particularly care for the use of the proper terminology for a female canine, even when uttered in the right context, such as, for example, by commentators while delivering the specific description during the television airing of the Westminister Dog Show.

    Therefore, Trochilus Dog has decided that he will confine his answer to your question, to a recital of what he actually knows. In other words, you're not getting a straight answer from him, in spite of the name of that Wheaten terrier!

    Wheaten terriers are a fine breed of vermin-hunting canines of relatively recent vintage -- they were only AKC recognized in 1973.

    So, they were not ones who were notable for running with the hounds, and "bolting" the little chicken thieves "from the lair," such as was the case with more standard fox terriers, or Parson Jack Russells.

    Wheatens (named because of their coloring) were more of a poor farmer's dog, with shall we say rather general duties, even including some participation in herding sheep.

    Finally, Trochilus Dog does offer his hearty congratulations and felicitations to Ms. Beatha Lee for having been duly elected the President of the Annandale Civic Association, and further extends his wishes for an eventful and successful term of office.

  9. Bravo, Trochilus Dog!

    If I ever have a problem with a dog, or have any general canine inquiry, I certainly will go to you before Professor Jacobson or any old veterinarian! Learn a lot of interesting things here.

    We had a wonderfully sweet German Shepherd named Sebastian who passed away recently. I really miss him.

    What I don't miss are the ocassional mornings I'd go downstairs to find he'd had diarrhea during the night and had created a Jackson Pollack-like "painting" on the carpet. I'd sneak back upstairs, get back in bed and pretend to be asleep. The wait for my wife to wake up and go downstairs to discover the mess sometimes seemed to take forever. But 20 minutes or so after her scream, I'd stagger downstairs and act surprised and feign disappointment it was too late to help in the clean up.

    When it comes to stinky situations ... I can be a really sneaky stinker. But I've learned a little bit of acting can keep you out of some crappy situations.

    Come to think of it ... pulling that act on my wife is one of the things I miss most about the dog. I'd go upstairs afterwards where she couldn't hear me and have a good, wicked laugh.

    The little things in life that amuse us. I pulled the same stunt when I found the hamster dead downstairs one morning. It pays to be the first one to wake up. Just went back upstairs and curled up in bed.