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Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarek Out

After yesterday's speech by Hosni Mubarek, I noted: "Things will be interesting. I can't imagine the situation will stay stable until September."

Well I was right, although I didn't predict Mubarek would resign the next day.

But it has happened, and now the military controls Egypt.

I repeat what I said yesterday, but in a different context:  "Things will be interesting. I can't imagine the situation will stay stable until September."

The reverberations will be felt throughout the Middle East, and not just with regard to the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

It will be interesting to see if the same standard will be applied by the Obama administration and the Europeans to Syria and Iran -- change now (or yesterday) or else.

And once the shackles are removed from the Arab street, will it mean war or peace?

If I were the Israelis, I'd be dusting off the old Sinai tank battle maps and strategies, and calling on the veterans of the prior Sinai battles for wisdom.  Because at 3 a.m. there isn't going to be any help.

Update:  I tweeted this yesterday regarding what was being broadcast over the loudspeakers during the anti-Murarek protests:

There is tremendous opportunity for the Egyptian people, but also tremendous risk.

* * * *

Screen shot of military officer delivering statement on Egyptian TV, thanking Mubarek, and stating that the military will issue further information on what is to happen next:

This may be the face of Egypt for the coming months.  And it could be worse.

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  1. Well, rest assured we've been assured the Muslim Brotherhood is secular (just ignore the "Muslim" part) and anti-violence (just ignore the "anti-" part).

    The Israelis will no doubt find they are living in a new Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. We saw just that sort of elated mobs following the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, and in Iran after the Shah.

    None of those places have prospered through better government, since those elated mobs went quiet. And in none of those places have successful new demonstrations had any effect on the thugocracies now in control.

    Be careful what you ask for, o elated demonstrators...

  3. Professor, this is a dark day for Israel.

    As our media whets their pants in glee over the ousting of Mubarak, they ignore the results of polls conducted by both Pew Research and Zogby which say that Egyptians, in a super majority, support Islamic influence in their national politics. And no one is bothering to tell Americans that "freedom" in the western world has not one damn thing to do with the concept of freedom under Islam.

    I remember the glee of our media when Tehran fell and the Shah fled Iran. I remember the glee of our media when Fidel Castro rolled into Havana and their glee over the announcement there would be "free" elections in Lebanon. The media was wrong then; they are wrong now.

    Today, Iran on The Nile was born. I am sad, and praying for Israel. May God see them though this.

  4. Okay, we've witnessed the "storming of the Bastille" part of the revolution and people are celebrating in the streets. But what are they celebrating? That Mubarak is gone?

    September is a very long way off and I doubt that the Muslim Brotherhood intends to wait that long for an election. I expect the MB to agitate on the streets with new demands (purging the ENTIRE government immediately, crimes against humanity trials, and so on..) and assassinations. If the situation gets out of control, I expect the military to crack down to restore order before everything collapses.

    This is no time for these people to be celebrating. They haven't won anything yet. The hardest part is about to begin and they are not ready. They could soon be pining for the "good old days" of Mubarak if they aren't careful.

  5. What's that famous old saying about death, taxes, and predictable MSM narratives again?

    Wolf Blitzer: I wonder if Obama’s Cairo speech had something to do with this:


  6. I got your tweets, when the Imam was speaking and being translated by Fox News. Only on Fox - no one else covering this clear message of Islamic hate feeding the protesters. No, they will push the "It was ALL Obama's doing" - getting ready for 2012.

    The cleric's preaching, revealing the direction this will go, is what the MSM will not tell us, and why we will rue the day that we did not support Mubarek. And rue the day, even more vehemently, that Obama was elected.

    I agree with you; Israel needs to prepare, and they cannot depend on the US. I wonder if Great Britain or any other European country will stand with Israel? The people of Egypt are getting what they asked for - and "Iran on the Nile" is being born. I will be praying for Israel.