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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Learn Liberty, Really

The Institute for Humane Studies, seemingly the epicenter of all pro-liberty events, funding, and seminars, has expanded to include videos from some of their scholars on a new website. LearnLiberty.org has just been launched, but it has already proved to be a great resource. It's hard to get a friend to travel to a lecture, conference, or even read an article sometimes. What it is relatively easy to do, though, is have them watch a short film that presents information in a fun and engaging manner. If you have friends you wish to convert, either subtly through posting information on your Facebook wall or blatantly by sitting them down in your home, I recommend using LearnLiberty as a crux of your pitch.

I'm already fond of the debt video, but I'd like to know what other people think.


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  1. Hi Kathleen,

    Great link. Putting it in my favorites. The debt video was frightening, only to some of us for some reason.

    I watched the lecture on Equality and Rights, it was long but very very good. Those darn kids really want income equality, sucks to be them.

  2. Thanks, Kathleen. Haven't had the time to look at it yet, but I trust your advice so I'm going to email the link to my daughter in college.

  3. Thanks guys! The Equality and Rights one was another great vid!