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Friday, February 11, 2011

Again I Ask, "Can Israel Survive A Second Obama Term?"

Last June, in the midst of the "Gaza Flotilla" in which leftists joined Islamists against Israel, I asked Can Israel Survive A Second Obama Term?:
This past week has seen the coming together of the growing Islamist-Leftist Coalition in the war against Israel.

Leftists who, among other things, claim to believe in freedom of speech, women's rights and equality for gays, are in political bed with people who would cut their throats for blasphemy, revel in abhorrent misogyny, and execute gays.

The Leftists do not see the sick irony, and the Islamists are happy for the help from these Useful Idiots....
It need not have to come to this.

While the currently fashionable argument is that that unyielding support for Israel is disloyal to the United States ("Israel-Firsters" in their words), in fact this unyielding support has kept the peace between Israel and its three major bordering nations by tamping down any hope that Israel could be destroyed.

This peace through the strength of the U.S.-Israel alliance was in the United States' interest. By keeping nation states out of the fight against Israel we advanced our own interests....
Obama administration oratory and actions have rekindled hope for the destruction of Israel, and thereby unleashed the beast.
The damage done so far may not be irreparable, but we are on an incredibly destructive trajectory.

I really wonder whether Israel can survive a second Obama term.
Some of the commenters responding to that prior post castigated me, insisting that the threat to Israel was not from a second Obama term, but from the first.

Given where we are today, the situation has deteriorated dramatically.  I fear my readers may have been right. The threat to Israel is immediate, not long term.

The Muslim Brotherhood is staged to exert great influence, if not outright control, over Egypt in the coming year.  The Egyptian Army of 2011 is far superior to anything Israel has faced in the past, with a reported 300 F-16s and thousands of M1 Abrams Tanks, with sophisticated American-made air defense and offensive weapons. 

And it gets worse.  The arms flows to Hamas in Gaza almost certainly will increase not just in quantity but in quality with diminished Egyptian adherence to peace; Lebanon is under the hegemony of Hezbollah; and two of the most repressive and anti-Israel regimes -- Iran and Syria -- are treated with kid gloves.  Who knows what will happen in Jordan.

Rather than working the past two years to smooth transitions in the Middle East, the Obama administration has undercut allies without laying the foundation for stability or transition.  And into that vacuum will step the worst elements, emboldened by a pattern of the United States abandoning its allies.

Maybe it all will work out.  Perhaps Egyptians will embrace an open society and peace, and the Egyptian model will undermine the tyrannical regimes in Syria and Iran.  But I'm not optimistic.

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  1. His first term is not over yet. They're going to be lucky to survive his first term. It's tragic.

    Today I am reconciled to the fact that things are going to get much worse, and much tougher here. We are going to have to endure. And somehow survive what is coming. I'm sorry for my kids, the two oldest of which, unfortunately, helped vote this abomination into office, and thus bring about the dark times that are ahead.

    Hopefully tomorrow I can put my head back in the sand. And, previous generations have survived bad times. Most of us will, too.

  2. This president does not seem to know the meaning of "friends and allies." Seems more interested in placating our enemies and potential enemies. The man is a "babe in the woods" and unfortunately for us, a probable fool.

  3. Congress is complicit in this too. Where do they stand on all of this other than empty posturing? Start introducing foreign policy bills. Force the WH to account for itself on the floor of Congress under threat of impeachment.

    Censor Google for having an executive involved with the Islamist interests organizing these protests. Call Clapper to testify and explain how he can be so ill-informed and uninformed. Call on Obama to testify as to what he meant that the young Egyptians are showing the way for the rest of us.

    Let's just skip it and impeach him for refusing to produce his birth certificate. What will it cost us for fear of being made to look like fools should he produce an authentic US birth certificate?

    I have not been a birther but... Why make us go through this and at such expense? Why don't we impeach him for simply putting us through all of this in the first place. Show us the birth certificate already!!!

  4. Not merely an unholy alliance of Shia Iran and Sunni Wahhibists but a foul trinity with the American and International Left must've tipped the first domino in Tunesia and arranged for the other fallens.

    Obama fits in there, somewhere, between Nation of Islam-like Muslim sympathist and Progressive Blame-and-Demote America Internationalist. I no longer doubt this.

    Just as Obama's U.S. is flirting with his doctrine of American unexceptionalism and policy for our demise, Israel now has to face down or bear the terrible consequences of the existential schism within western Jewry. Conservative pro-America and pro-Israel Jews are the classical liberals who need to push back against the currently fashionable (Democrat) illiberals who would champion exotic oppressive culture in humble submission and call it Fairness.

    A couple decades of deconstructed western lit and civ history have left too many with not no meaning but with far worse opposite world, absurd values.

  5. It isn't Obama's first, or second term that will bring upon the country's demise. It will be the Israeli left and the way they continue to side with Israel's enemies (including the current President f the United States). If the Israeli left were not actively supporting the misguided policies of Obama , as well as the Islamic sympathizers, Israel would be a far stronger nation that can overcome any US president - even one as dangerous as Barack Obama.

  6. It wasn't until I read "The Egyptian Army of 2011 is far superior to anything Israel has faced in the past, with a reported 300 F-16s and thousands of M1 Abrams Tanks, with sophisticated American-made air defense and offensive weapons." did my heart sink.

    If the Muslim Brotherhood or any other extremist Islamic group gets a hold of these weapons...

  7. thank G*d for Diamona.

  8. The Egyptian situation is seminal to the survival of Israel as a nation.

    I have no doubt that the Israeli military has planned for this type of threat to their existence. Israel has nuclear weapons, and I trust that Israel will use these weapons in their last efforts to survive as a nation.

    Israel's plan to use nuclear weapons is the same plan for civil defense that the US has planned for an attack on the US from Russia.

    In the event that the US refuses its previous support of Israel, Israel will take the initiative to protect itself.

    The world must respect Israel, lest it become a sea of nuclear glass.

  9. Bartender Cabbie, I think you've missed the point. President Obama does know the meaning of "friends and allies" but he's what has been called a transnational progressive. He genuinely thinks that repressive left-wing regimes in the Third World have an authenticity that pro-American regimes (including democracies like Great Britain and Israel) do not.

    Makes me yearn for the comparatively hardheaded years of Jimmy Carter.

  10. "... the terrible consequences of the existential schism within western Jewry." How many voted for blood poison in 2008? Considerably over 50% as I recall, perhaps inaccurately. If that percentage is even somewhat accurate, that is not a schism, that is a decision. If it was based on being bamboozled, who's responsibility is that?

    Cui bono from these events in the ME? Iran. Blood poison is supporting Iran and its temporary allies (the MB and its child Hamas), cutting off traditional US ME allies and deconstructing the USA into the bargain, making it ripe for Mohammedan conquest. That is neither incompetence, disinterest nor being hornswoggled. It is deliberate plan. Saying Egyptians inspire Americans is pure Fanon. Blood poison is following a script scripted by predecessors. He's a functionary of an ideology ego tells him he centers.

    So many who deplore blood poison think he doesn't know what he is doing, that he is an empty suit, a child in a man's world. They haven't taken the measure of this individual. They swing at air. He's doing victory dances on the hated USA, facilitating the wishes of his mentors in the MB and his allies in Tehran who are in temporary alliance. His ultimate loyalty is to the regime in Iran. He's duping the MB as well as the large majority of American Jews.

    Keep that in mind and it all makes sense.

    One would not be surprised were certain Arab governments and private facilitators contemplating business with the chief executive of a certain "Western" nation.

    In any case, the sooner the USA government and people impeach or have ruled illegitimate the frauds in the White House the better. There are several ways to do it. In less than the interval of twelve months, after all, is observed the potential of critical mass to achieve "fundamental transformation."

    I predict the Egyptian military -- which, not Mubarak, is the regime in Egypt since Nassar -- will keep the peace in Egypt and keep the MB and other Tehran allies out of power. In other words, Israeli relations and arrangements with Egypt will remain intact.

    In addition, I predict Arab ME states, including Egypt and Iraq, are working hard now with Israel to prepare for, preempt or defeat the certain efforts of Iran and her proxies and allies (Hizbollah, Hamas, MB) to command the ME from Baku to Adan and from Istambul to Miranshah. Israel has allies in the ME itself.

    It could be said that of benefit in this recent array of developments is that it has forced blood poison all the more under public scrutiny. His lies and deceptions are seen and noted, widely, and more importantly, his being.

    Finally, I predict that the US military will not turn against its citizen supports, the Constitution or its traditional allies abroad. And the same may be predicted of some other elements of the US national security structure.

  11. If Israel puts her trust in God, she can survive anything. If she trusts in America ... good night and good luck, Israel.

  12. James is right. Iran would welcome the nuclear Armageddon, but the rest of the region, and the world would suffer for generations.

    Here is from my website. I've had a spirited back and forth with Jason Lewis about this subject more than once. He is one of those who morality is pricked by the fact we dealt with such a harsh leader like Mubarak, but at the same time argues that war is something to be avoided. I asked him the obvious, "How much money is one soldier's life worth, not to mentions the millions that would be lost in a nuclear exchange?"


    Once this particular Islamic genie is out of the bottle in Egypt, Israel will be on war footing. It has to in order to survive.

  13. Is that the talk-show Jason Lewis? 'Cos I had not heard of him until I moved to my present location, and I'm stunned whenever I hear him on the radio. The guy seems to have no clue about islam...to the point that I can't figure out how he even got a local talk show, let alone a nationwide, prime-time spot. He seems completely unaware.