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Monday, February 21, 2011

Buy Sabra and Tribe Hummus

The worldwide Boycott Divest Sanction (BDS) campaign against Israel has mostly been a failure in the U.S., but that does not stop brainwashed youth brigades from trying to delegitimze Israel anyway.

Via IsraellyCool comes this video posted by the Philadelphia wing of the BDS movement, trying stop a supermarket chain from carrying Sabra and Tribe brand hummus, which are not made in Israel but are owned by an Israeli company:

Perhaps these moonbats also suggest we boycott Google, which lists Sabra brand at the top when one searches for Hummus (in a sponsored link):

Update:  Reader Ric from Virginia sends some more information.  Apparently a boycott of Sabra hummus was pushed by Palestinians at Princeton University, but it failed by a 2-1 student vote.  And, the hummus is made right here in the U.S.A., including at a plant in Virginia:
Sabra Dipping Company, a food manufacturing plant, held it's grand opening in Chesterfield County today [May 26, 2010]. The company is creating 260 new jobs.

Sabra has only been making hummus and Mediterranean dips since 1986. But the company already outgrew it's plant in Queens, New York.

After considering other sites in North Carolina and New Jersey, Virginia's skilled workforce, short distance to the port, and state and local incentives brought Sabra to Chesterfield County.

Said Governor Bob McDonnell, "This is a huge announcement. Nearly 300 jobs in Chesterfield County, $60 million investment. It's part of the Governor's Opportunity Fund that Governor Kaine helped to invest a couple of years ago."
It is easy to make light of the foolishness of the BDS movement, but it is deadly serious.  Hurting Israel economically is just one aspect of the war on Israel, along with campus divestment and other anti-Israel movements.

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  1. Let me guess that they don't have any trouble buying anything made in China.

  2. Off topic but futures for oil (+$3.40 to almost $90) and gold (+$14 to over $1400) are spiking on the spreading ME unrest. Someone might want to point out that some of those oil platforms that Obama chased out of the Gulf of Mexico could come back if he would call off his war on domestic oil and gas production.


    It's been one heckuva week.

  3. @Alex Bensky - Made in China? Start with the Valentine's basket and the ribbon wrapped around it.

  4. Sabra and Tribe hummus brand from now on, thanks kids!

    More disturbing is the 'old hag' grooming these budding young agitators. I fear these young minds are lost, what a shame, but the 40 yr complex network of liberal polititards has nearly engulfed all of our college and university students.

    The good news is because of the bad economy, college money is drying up, non-profits are shrinking and these kids will realize after they graduate and can't get a job in Professional Global Agitation, that capitalism makes electronics work(YouTube) and food to sustain health(hummus). The ME will then be the furthest from their minds.

  5. So far these movements haven't gotten very far. They tried the same thing with Trader Joe's and it fizzled. TJ continues to sell the approximately five Israeli products in did at the time. In that case, the hooligans were threatening to throw the product on the floor of the markets, as they did in France, where I believe the idea came from. They announced that they would attack TJ stores nationwide on a given day, but nothing came of it and the company said it would not honor the demand. I believe they did throw product on the floor at one store, but it was before the national event was supposed to take place, If I remember correctly.

  6. I always try to buy products the lefties say to boycott. I also started buying shares in the Israeli pharmaceutical company TEVA years ago. I thought it would be a good investment and I liked investing in an Israeli company. That investment has been berry berry good to me!!

    Thanks for the tip. My wife and eldest daughter have become hummus fanatics after they first tried it last year. I'll tell them to get Sabra and Tribe and to ask the store to carry it if they already don't.

  7. @Spartan

    God I love Trader Joes! All the more reason for their not backing down.

    I don't know if that's why the lefties always seem to be upset with TJ. Twice around Christmas time I've come out of TJ to be confronted by two young law school types asking me to sign something involving the ACLU.

    I just smiled and said, "No, thank you" and added with an even bigger smile, "But you guys have a very Merry Christmas!!"

    You should've seen the sour faces. So serious. No sense of humor. Little future legal jihadis.

    I thought about getting a group together to surround them and sing Christmas carols ... but ... I'm too shy and not one for confrontations.

  8. Ever since I read about the Princeton boycott a few months ago, I have been on a Sabra hummus binge. I buy it several times a week, bring it with me when visiting friends & relatives, etc. and always talk it up, saying how it is the best.

    Prior to reading about the boycott, I maybe bought it once a year. Is this what they hoped to achieve?

  9. If only there were some way to counter those "Palestinian-led Protests", but what in the world do they produce in the marketplace that could qualify? That's right! Nothing.

    They are a minus sum consumer group. Users, not producers. Even when the Israelis left them thriving agricultural businesses as they withdrew from Gaza a few years ago, the pea-brained malcontents deliberately destroyed the hothouse industries providing employment to over 4000 fellow-Palestinians.

    These poor folks seem to be too intellectually challenged to understand the illogic involved. So of course it would be OK to urge a boycott. There's no risk involved. Any coward can do it.

  10. I don't buy Tribe or Sabra hummus because they are bad compared to the homemade stuff, which is really easy to make and cheap compared to Sabra (around 2 bucks for almost 2 quarts compared to 4-5 bucks for a sabra pint). They don't even use lemon juice!

    I still try to support Israel by buying Israeli tahini (sesame paste used to make hummus) when it's available near me. You can even get tahini made in the settlements for an extra FU to the palastinian Nazis.

    http://humus101.com/EN/ A very cool hummus blog. It also picked up on a couple of political issues of hummus, like the BDS movement and the attempts to 'patent' hummus to keep Israelies from making money off of it.