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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Treehugging Skydiving Naïf

Spotted in Ithaca this morning, a pretty unusual combination of bumper stickers. 

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  1. ....with an eclectic taste in music.

  2. Aimless skydivers are sometimes treehuggers by necessity ... and so they coexist.

    When will someone invent the long overdue word, "multiexist"? "Coexist" smacks of exclusive western bilateralism.

  3. Isn't multiexist what Mormons and apartment dwellers do?

    "Exit 0" might be an anti-Obama sticker.

  4. "exit 0" is a key west thing

  5. Thanks, Jeff! I forgot to include a :>]

    I have no idea who Scythian (Band) is, tho.'

  6. I wonder if anyone has asked that moonbat about the carbon footprint of that skydiving hobby. :-)

  7. Its not that weird. I know a lot of skydivers - they have a 60's hippie vibe going.