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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gov. Walker's Association with the Koch Brothers

Is all the rage on the internets:

Oh, sorry, wrong video.

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  1. OMG, the affected accents that he adopts when he is speaking to supporters.

  2. The Koch's employ tens of thousands of employees. They pay tens of millions in taxes. And they've given away hundreds of millions in philanthropic endeavors.

    Why are they being treated like villains? John at Powerline says Gov. Walker received a total of $43,000 in campaign contributions from the Kochs, while he spent a total of $37.4 million on his campaign.

    I wouldn't blame the Koch's one bit if they never invested in another U.S. based business. Or if they moved existing businesses offshore. If you were a multi-billionaire, why would you put up with this shit?

    They ought to invest where they are not villainized for creating products that make people's lives better and where the jobs they create are valued. And that when they're successful, the community actually appreciates their philanthropy.

    These Leftists are like parasites who eat the host.

    Their hero, George Soros, has never had an operating business. He didn't make any of his money in a way that has any redeeming social value (in terms of creating products or jobs to the larger community). All he's ever done is trade pieces of paper. And he helped ruin several small economies in Asia in 1998 by shorting their currencies.

    We are losing our collective mind.

  3. I'm as Pro-America as anybody you'll ever find ...

    But I must say that Obama only attended Wright's church for 20 years. As any mainstream-media journalist will likely tell you, the generally accepted gestation period for radical black liberation theology to create a fully-formed America-hating, anti-semitic creature viable outside the (for lack of a better word) womb of such a church is about 50 years. Obama wasn't even in his second trimester** yet when he left the church.

    So, the guilt-by-association slander with this video clip is not only quite premature, but very ham-handed in its partial-birth delivery.

    **liberation theology math used.

  4. Maggot...I believe you're suggesting the following course for Koch?

    Who is John Galt?

    John Galt is Prometheus who changed his mind. After centuries of being torn by vultures in payment for having brought men the fire of the Gods, he broke his chains – and withdrew his fire – until the day when men withdrew their vultures.

  5. "Their hero, George Soros, has never had an operating business."

    You sure? I understand he had business involving abandoned property in the mid-1940s.

  6. My leftist friends are a'buzzing about this on Facebook. Every time I think about responding, I remember they're unemployed... so what else are they going to do.

    Prank calls and running away from your problems: being a liberal really is like being in college forever.

  7. Associate Clinical Professor Jacobson,

    I know you've been silent about Glen Beck's jew-baiting with regards to Soros. How do you feel about the anti-semitic Nazi referencing remarks when posted by your own commenters?

  8. Timely video. Wright was best buds with Khaddafi, he traveled to Libya several times.

    Might have something to do with O's extreme reluctance to denounce that brutal dictator.

    20 years of listening to that vile man spew his racist hatred, hatred of America and Marxist social theory had to have an effect. That's what passes for being a Christian on the left. Obama brought his children to be brainwashed by him.