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Friday, February 25, 2011

My modest proposal.

K. McCaffrey -- Since the 1980s, when one third of their population fell below the poverty line, the nation of Ireland has seen tremendous growth. This is a testament to the glory of a nation of people who had been purged of autonomy for hundreds of years. In fact, Ireland was one of the richest countries in the world in 2006. Maybe that had something to do with a fifth of the workforce employed to build houses; or that rents had fallen to less than one percent of the purchase price; or that in ten years lending to construction had risen from eight percent of Irish lending to twenty-eight percent. Really, though, it just seems like the Irish were destined for prosperity. Finally, after years of turmoil, the Irish had had financial greatness thrust upon them! Nearly ninety percent of the country owned homes! People were migrating to the once misfortunate nation. Ireland was vindicated!

Now it seems like the rest of Europe has decided to ruin the party for the Irish. The Polish workers, who had come in throngs to build Irish homes, left, the recipients of generous Irish loans during the 90s are ungrateful cheaters, and greedy bankers looked to soak money from the government to stay afloat. The Irish once again fell victim to external forces, subjugated by the death pact that is the European Union since the rest of Europe has decided to be jealous and not play with Irish banks, who may have fallen into a rough patch or two. Their triumph of home ownership and economic prowess has been taken away from the people; touted for being so fast, so elastic, that only the word “bubble” could describe their growth!

If the past thirty years of Irish history shows us anything, though, it’s simply that the Irish cannot survive amongst Europeans. No, the people of Europe are far too threatened by the Irish people’s clever dispositions, renowned educated class, and resilience to being deterred by large statistical odds against them. The Irish are doomed to be cut down by the legs from their neighbors, even when it is so obvious that they are the exception to the rule of bloated European welfare states.

So what are they to do? The Irish cannot change the agenda of its European partners, nor can it trust its politicians, who carry on the legacy of British governance. The Irish people must band together and do what they do best by serving the rest of the world with the utmost selflessness. By opening the world’s largest island resort, Ireland will not have to kowtow to arbitrary continental standards, nor will they have to worry about buying up the country from one another. If Al Gore’s predictions are even close to true, the Irish and Russians are sitting on prime real estate for beachfront vacation investment. Shareholders from around the globe could reap the benefits of the Celtic Tiger yet again instead of acting so jealous and vindictive.

The Irish are above the whole “self-governance” business. Why bother doing that when they have a true talent in extracting money from other people?

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  1. Just a modest suggestion....We constantly hear about people under the poverty line and the millions and millions without health insurance.

    I believe, that a great percentage of people in those two unfortunate categories are immigrants - either legal or more likely, illegal.

    We have imported a good percentage of Mexico (and Central America's) considerable peasant population. Why have we done this?

    This can also explain a good deal about such poor performing students and even schools, which have to deal with so many kids who don't speak English and whose peasant families never have much education nor any history of "schooling".

    I think mass immigration is to blame for not necessarily creating many problems but EXACERBATING many problems.

  2. I see US statehood in Ireland's future.

  3. Umm.. with all due respect, Ms. McCaffrey, the Irish are neither selfless, hardworking or imaginative, except when it comes to their attempts to get a leg over, and I saw that as a woman whose paternal grandparents emigrated from Ireland in the 1930s. I think the best of the Irish actually are gone from that island nation, what's left are the dregs. They DO have a massive welfare state, and a bloated sense of entitlement. If you know any Irish illegal aliens, and you get a chance to see behind the mask, they reveal themselves to be nothing more than leeches. My grandmother said as much about the Irish emigres she saw coming over in the '50s and '60s. They weren't looking to become American citizens, but to get whatever they could for themselves.

    I'm old enough to remember the rise of the "Celtic Tiger", and had my grandmother been alive at the time, she would have pronounced it as not being long for this world. What created the Celtic Tiger wasn't Ireland, or any mythical creativity, invention or innovation on it's part. It was based on US corporations wanting to get a toehold on the periphery of the European Union, without full commitment to residing in fully integrated EU countries, because they would have been taxed and regulated as US corporations. Through the collusion of George HW Bush's and later Bill Clinton's administrations, it became easier for those US corporations to expand overseas, rather than manufacture in the US and export. Corporate welfare was ladled out to incentivize offshoring and outsourcing. Ireland in 1987 under the Single European Act, and later in 1992 under the Maastricht Treaty gave those US corporations, now "multinationals" an entre to the EU. Intel, Microsoft, Pharmaceutical and other corporations opened up "European" divisions in Ireland, as Ireland, salivating with greed offered them no end of goodies, extremely low tax rates, and all kinds of subsidies. They could've been trafficking kiddies for prostitution and it would have been fine and dandy for Ireland's porcine politicians in the Fine Gael party who were running the show.

    Another fact that's never mentioned here, is that while the EU were laying the trap which would eventually lead to Ireland forcing it's people to vote to commit fully to the EU, and switch it's currency to the euro, they larded up the deal with big, fat subsidies for Ireland, and Ireland wasn't getting swindled as England was, it didn't have to pay all those massive EU taxes and levies on the gazillion different EU policies that require a member state to fork over an increasingly larger percentage of their GDP. Ireland was one of the proverbial welfare queens of the EU, though it did have to hand over a few things, like control of it's fishing and oil rights off it's coast. Ireland got millions from the EU, and it's fishermen had their livelihoods stolen, a big part of Ireland's gdp, which amounted to over 3 billion in Irish currency per year, was handed over to Italy, France and Spain.

  4. Ireland did as it was told, and flung it's doors open wide to all the "refugees" the EU didn't want to have to pick up the tab for. African, Moroccan, Iraqi, Afghani, Turks, Polish and other Eastern Europeans flooded in, and all required welfare subsidies. And those Polish "workers", well they took jobs to be sure, jobs that there had been plenty of Irish citizens with training and experience to perform those jobs. Instead, Ireland paid dole to the increasingly more unemployed Irish citizens, and on top of that, they were required to subsidize the Polish and other cheap foreign workers, to make up the difference between what it cost to live in Ireland, and what their wages didn't extend to. The Polish and other workers from EU countries, many of them left their children and wives back in their home countries, but Ireland then had to pay the benefits those foreign children and wives would have received if they had lived in Ireland, so there were increased outlays.

    This continued, but the pain to come wasn't so noticeable, as Ireland had lots of good paying, middle class jobs that had been outsourced and off-shored from the US. Ireland started to boast, about how it had a much better educated and skilled workforce than the backwater US, they became rather condescending, as they believed the lies spun by Bill Gates and his fellow outsourcing advocates. Ireland grew fat and became a real contented cow, that is until it all started to go south, about 4 years ago.. and that's before the Irish currency collapsed.

    Suddenly, Bill Gates and his ilk started saying the same thing about Ireland, that they'd said about the US, that they lacked an adequately educated and skilled population. That Irish schools were sub par, and they needed to off-shore to cheaper, er... India, with it's better educated (cough, cough) and skilled workforce. The Irish had a melt down, how unfair, how cruel.

  5. Irish people on forums I'd had dealings with for years, who liked to talk down the US, and had laughed about how the US citizen was uneducated, etc.. were crying in their beer about how cruel it was for Microsoft, etc.. to lie that way, and abuse the trust of the, sniff, sniff, good hearted, hard working Irish people.

    You see, by that time, things were starting to go belly up in Ireland. The bills were coming due, taxes were rising. Bono, the well known singer and know it all and charity fraudster, was demanding that Ireland's tax rates be raised, especially the corporate rates, and Ireland's tax loophole for artists, actors, and musicians, be closed.. all because Bono wanted Ireland's tax revenue to be raided to fund his scams, ie pay for different schemes, such as vaccine trials, that Bono and Bill Gates, among others don't actually contribute to, but invest heavily in the stock. Ireland's taxes were raised, as Bono wanted, though Bono moved all his money off shore, to the tax haven of some Scandinavian country, and he didn't have to pay more.

    And those Polish and other foreign workers weren't better, or harder working, in fact they were and continue to be sub par, but they bled Ireland dry. You see, the neo-con and globalist lies that immigration, and outsourcing and off-shoring grow economies, are just that, lies. It's part of the neo-con and globalist left's desire to collapse economies, force them into dependency and debt, so as to be more easily fleeced even further, of their nation's resources, infrastructure and their people enslaved.

    Cheap foreign labor is part of that scam. Citizens, who'd work and support themselves, support local businesses and industries are what grow economies. Cheap foreign labor, are a taxpayer burden, they are parasites. They don't spend much of their wages in the US, they live on subsidies and send cash wages on remittances, which further bleeds the US economy dry.

    Now, my intent wasn't to be snarky, and I apologize if I sound that way, it's just that this is all too close to the bone, and my experience with the Irish, turned me from someone who used to take pride in the Irish heritage I share, to someone who loathes and detests the simpering, greedy and grasping Irish nationals and their willing corruption and their hate for America, and refusal to ever take responsibility for themselves and their actions (in case you haven't heard or read what they blame for the so called Celtic Tiger, going bye-bye, they blame the US for that, not themselves.