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Friday, February 18, 2011

New Hampshire is Awesome

K McCaffrey --- I'm a bit skeptical of the Free State Project, which looks to mass-migrate freedom-loving folks to New Hampshire to legislate libertarian laws, but I sure love New Hampshire anyway. On Tuesday, a law was passed saying that...
“Made in New Hampshire” guns that are free from federal laws and taxes would be manufactured and sold here with legislation clearing the House of Representatives.. This 240-120 vote was another clear signal that Second Amendment supporters are finding much to like in the Republican-dominated Legislature elected with the backing of gun owner rights organizations. State Rep. Daniel Itse, R-Fremont, said federal taxes have become too onerous and paperwork too intrusive, and this is one small step to assert sanctity of the Commerce Clause.
As long as they keep local blue-staters from moving in, I have reason to be more optimistic about the future of New Hampshire!

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  1. If they can stop a farmer from producing corn for personal consumption under the Commerce Clause then why can't they regulate guns that would have the effect of reducing interstate gun commerce?

  2. Kathleen, if the Free State Project ever takes off, what do you want to bet that the left comes up with a NYT/WaPo puff-piece supported, grassroots body-snatchers version of The Free State Project?

    I was playing Craps in Vegas once, and the funny Stickman said to a tentative lookie-loo shyly approaching the table, "Just throw down a $100-bill like you never want to see it again !!"

  3. Kathleen,

    That's why it's great to live in the "Live Free or Die" state!

    However, living so close to Massachusetts, the "Give Me Your Money or Die" state has its drawbacks.

  4. I don't have a problem with libertarian ideas behind the Free State Project, but seriously I doubt that it will work out as planned, even if they reach their goal of 20,000 libertarians moving to New Hampshire. If nothing else, the secular media will simply portray them as stupid bloodthirsty racists (the media's default take on all people they disagree with), and that will be hard to overcome.

  5. That is good news. But, the thing that struck me was a small state like NH has 360 delegates to it's House!?

    What's the apportionment? A delegate for every major intersection? :-)

  6. There is a LOT more to the Free State Project than meets the eye (think: "Galt's Gulch")--history/back-story is pretty amazing.


  7. Well, many have pointed out the poor choice of New Hampshire as the favored locale for the Free State Project. Boston T. Party has derided the selection of New Hampshire for good reasons, and in his novel Molon Labe! he selects Wyoming for the project.