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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egyptian Opposition Leader Ayman Nour Declares Camp David Accords "Finished"

With democracy comes responsibility.  The Egyptian people may find that our relatively soon, as even some of its non-Muslim Brotherhood emerging leaders seem hellbent on war with Israel.

Ayman Nour, a leading Egyptian opposition figure who is expected to run for President -- and someone who is a darling of the West -- has called for the 1979 Peace Treaty with Israel to be reassessed:
An influential Egyptian opposition figure and likely presidential candidate called Sunday for Cairo’s peace treaty with Israel to be reassessed, the first sign since former president Hosni Mubarak’s ouster Friday that the 32-year-old agreement may be in jeopardy.

Ayman Nour, a former lawmaker and chairman of the Ghad (Tomorrow) party, told an Egyptian radio station that the 1978 Camp David Accords were no longer relevant, and said the country’s leadership should at least rethink the terms of the framework agreements that led to a peace deal between the erstwhile enemies the following year...
“The Camp David Accords are finished,” Nour said. “Egypt has to at least conduct negotiations over conditions of the agreement.”
When it comes to Hamas in Gaza, we often hear how we have to respect the democratic process.  That is true to a point, but it does not absolve the electorate of the consequences of its choice.

If Egypt elects Nour President, and Nour follows through on his threat, the Egyptian people will get the democracy they want, and bear the consequences.

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  1. This is not a good thing. I've heard many say that we should not have supported a repressive dictator like Mubarek. My response is this: We have a much better chance of influencing toward Liberty a dictator we support than one supported by China or Venezuela or Iran. The goal should not be Democracy, but rather Liberty. Democracy can easily be used to oppress.

  2. The only hope for Egypt is that the military goes on an extermination binge of anyone connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. No panties on the head or waterboarding, extermination.

  3. Whatever their choice, does anybody really believe that U.S. dollars won't be used to support the Egyptian "people"? Without policies reinforcing our beliefs in things like the First Amendment and Article 1, section2 of the Constitution BEFORE giving aid and support, we'll always be supporting crap, wiping up crap, and eating it.

  4. Isn't it amazing that President Obama will dismiss fellow citizen tea partiers' and ally Israel's concerns as pesky irritations ... yet go all in with a crowd that has the audacious balls to beat Anderson Cooper?

    Wonder if Anderson Cooper considers Egyptian protestors to be violent tea-baggers?

    Or did he have a Robert Fisk moment of masochistic empathy?

  5. If Nour sours on the peace accords, that would mean that the US would have to guarantee the Camp David treaty, since we are a signatory. That would put Obama in a very nasty situation heading into the 2012 election cycle. Of having to repudiate our duty under the Camp David accords, or having to forcibly go into Sinai to uphold them. Of course liberal democraps/jews (are there any other kind) will praise Obama's refusal to enforce the accords, but that won't fly with repubs and independents.