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Monday, February 14, 2011

They Don't Really Want To Coexist

How did I not see this vehicle before?  Spotted in a driveway just 100 yards from my house in Ithaca.

No "Coexist" bumper sticker on this vehicular equivalent of Keith Olbermann's brain:

Here is their lawn sign, from warmer weather:

(P.S. - In case you were wondering, this was not the one that go away.)

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  1. Looking at the license plate holder in conjunction with the bumper stickers, looks like the kind of people who would never lower themselves to buying a vehicle from a mere "car salesman". Yes indeed, they need to see an "auto consultant."

  2. the "...vehicular equivalent of Keith Olbermann's brain."

    Good one!!! Best laugh I've had in a LOOOOONG time!!

  3. Where would the bumper sticker industry be today without the tolerant, coexist lefty crowd?

  4. The DAV and Vietnam Service Ribbon stickers makes me wonder if this is someone so traumatized by their individual tragedy that they no longer can be objective, or if its just a poseur deflecting anti-Americanism with veteran related stickers. Guess we'll never know. I don't know many real veterans who swing this hard to the left.

  5. So, taking the first bumper sticker at its face, the driver is saying that Republicans have good intentions. (Since the road to hell is paved with good intentions). That's much more good faith directed to republicans than most liberals are capable of.

  6. Another sticker on your neighbor's philosophical backside, "Why do insurance companies get to tell your doctor how sick you are?" is actually a good question.

    But a much better one is, "Why does Congress get to tell the Feds to tell the insurance companies to tell your doctor how sick you are?"

  7. Why cover the license plate number? It is a matter of public record and visible to the public.

  8. The "Coexist" sticker would actually fit in quite nicely with the others. There is no expectation among those on the left that their stated opinions be in any way consistent.

  9. To Johnnie: I'm guessing 1. he's a neighbor 2. privacy 3. liability concerns

    As to the vietnam service ribbon, this just indicates that at some point this person was in what was considered a combat zone or in support of those in a combat zone during the vietnam era.

    sadly lots of viet vets are lefties who felt betrayed by Nixon, the military and those who formulated the policy of not letting communism destroy nominally democratically elected governments friendly to the U.S.

    It's convenient for them to blame Republicans for things that happened then and after.

    "a man will hear what he wants to hear and disregard the rest"

  10. "Why do insurance companies get to tell your doctor how sick you are?" is actually a good question.

    However, it isn't really the one ever being asked. Insurance companies are usually asking, "Is your sickness something we agreed to cover for the payment of your premium?" They almost never contracted to cover everything that makes you sick to unlimited amounts.