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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obamacare Starts Early In Madison - Free Sick Notes For Progressives!

We have seen the future of the health care system, and it is the doctors on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, handing out free sick notes to public sector union members so they can fraudulently collect their pay for missing work.

Boy, oh boy, I can't wait for Obamacare.  Politicized medicine, massive fraud in the name of progressive politics, and a callous disregard for the law free from fear of prosecution for those aligned with the Democrats.

I don't think this warrants a Faster Please.

(videos via HotAir and Althouse)

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  1. I have yet to see any of the blogs covering this fake notes story - and there are a lot of them now - talk about how they plan on blowing this doctor into the AMA.

  2. Any of you lawyers think this can be turned into a racketeering lawsuit against the doctors, unions, DNC and whoever else was involved under the RICO statutes? Isn't this organized crime? The strike itself is illegal and the doctors are conspiring with teachers to defraud the taxpayers of millions. It's crime upon crime upon crime. How can this not be racketeering?

  3. Have they taken the word "honest" out of the dictionary yet? It seems to have no meaning.

  4. Ya got to admit its funny though

  5. Mr. Jacobson as lawyer would the state of WI have any legal recourse against these doctors

  6. I just knew it! The Ear, Nose, and Throat Fairy does exist! Just go about your daily errands and be sure to do a little protesting ... otherwise he might not chase you down on the street and force a sick note into your grubby little mit.

    You don't even need to stay home and pretend you're sick. It's light-years better than a housecall!

    I've fallen for you, Obamacare. And once again, thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Taxsucker.

  7. As a physician, licensed in the state of New York, I see this a very unsettling. Since when did it become OK for docs to use their professional integrity as a means for political gain. Perhaps, I shouldn't be asking this question as even now the medical staff at my medical center is coalescing around a petition against hydrofracking. Not that I have a particular position here other than to say the political battle lines have been draw.

    Regardless, I have much more to say about the issue here...http://punditpress.blogspot.com/2011/02/physicians-betraying-their-oath-and_19.html

    Professor, throw a doc a bone....

  8. Not sure if any of you have seen this > http://crooksandliars.com/karoli/wisconsin-protesters-breitbarted-over-bogus This Karoli person (I know,...who?) is claiming that it is bogus based solely on Breitbart's involvement. They're plants I tell you!!

  9. I don't know Wisconsin law, but there could be a false-claim act violation if any of the phony doctor notes are used to collect money from the government.

  10. I lived in Madison back in 1969-70 when there were weekly (it seemed) riots. Events of the past week are a bit of a throwback to that era, but with less broken glass and no teargas. Maybe the biggest difference is the digital revolution in the form of digital cameras, video recorders, and the Internet. These doctors remind me of 13-year-olds posting compromising pictures of themselves on the Internet. Back in the old days, people could demonstrate or even riot in relative anonymity. Not so much today. Once something is on the Internet, it can haunt a person for years.

    Ann Althouse must be loving this--she gets to do what big-name reporters are supposed to do. The digital revolution has changed who controls information.

  11. You get a tip here


  12. Wisconsin has the "Standard of Care". These doctors are obviously acting outside of it. The question is whether or not anyone will do anything about it. Clearly unethical, clearly not in keeping with the oaths they take. But when has that mattered to a Lefty. The end justifies the means.

  13. What are the legal ramifications if these are people (maybe teachers?) posing as doctors?

  14. Let's not forget that at least some and probably all of these docs are State employees.

  15. Funny


  16. "Let's not forget that at least some and probably all of these docs are State employees."

    At least one of them is. He's also a professor at the UW Medical School.

  17. THANK YOU for printing this! We are all over this over at Common Cents...