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Friday, February 25, 2011

Buy-cott Aroma Cafe

Aroma Cafe is an Israeli chain of espresso bars which has expanded internationally, including in the U.S.:

Being Israeli, Aroma Cafe has come under attack (h/t AussieDave) by the Boycott Divestment Sanction movement of anti-Israeli activists.  Watch as the moonbats protest outside an Aroma Cafe location in New York:

As to the boycott of Sabra and Tribe hummus which was the subject of a prior post, I did my part yesterday to buy-cott the brand:

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  1. Wow. Watching that second video makes me wonder: how much money and time do they put into these boycott/protest community organizer groups? These people were obviously trained in how do that Lady Gaga cover, with that one woman ready to jump right in when she saw they were doing the routine. Actors in need of work: become a community organizer! Get paid the big bucks - via George Soros or other big donors. Hypocrites!

    Makes me want to go buy some Tribe hummus (which is really gooood!) and some Sabra. Maybe even take a trip to NYC to Soho and get a fantastic cuppa java. I've heard about the Israeli coffee and cafe experience, but I didn't know they were here in the US.

    Thanks to the boycott, now I do!! Buy-cott, here I come!

  2. Re: Bad Cafe

    Although some Lady Gaga songs are catchy (excuse: my daughter is 13...and on some things it is easier to partially assimilate than to fight) those moonbats picked a song where the lyrics are mostly nonsense. So...I note they didn't improve on them much.

    I have no doubt they believe their cause to be righteous, otherwise how could they look at themselves and not be profoundly embarrassed? I think they're idiots and I'm almost embarrassed for them.

  3. My guess is that the boycotters don't check labels to make sure that they buy nothing made in China, nor do they take any steps to make sure that the gasoline they buy does not come from Saudi Arabia. Given that, I'm not even willing to give them marks for foolish and misguided sincerity.

  4. They're singing the same song those California libtards sang at the hotel? Just changed "bad hotel" to "bad cafe." How original.

  5. So Aroma Cafe has no website? No way to see if there are any local to me?

  6. All I can say is...the Sabra Roasted Red Pepper hummus is very, very good/ I've been enjoying it a lot more often than I had been.

  7. @Rob - here is the link:


    Buy-cott!! It's the American way!

  8. Hey - they have 3 locations in Manhattan: Upper West Side, SOHO, and Midtown. Gotta take a road trip!!

    And, for those in Florida, there is a location in Sunny Isles.

    Looks like a great place to go. http://www.aroma.us/

  9. They appear to be unhinged.

  10. Dang. I was hoping the four or five variations of "Aroma Cafe" places around here-- SeaTac area-- were connected.

    Oh well, I don't have the excuse to go out for coffee this weekend. :^(

  11. I'm partial to Sabra's olive hummus... been buying it for years. Good to know I've been supporting a worthy cause.

  12. Boycotts should be illegal. There is no excuse for not buying something from a company.

    This lack of activity affects commerce, so it clearly falls under Congress's authority to regulate.

    Anyone who doesn't buy something, or doesn't buy enough of something, should be jailed.

  13. Sabra's hummus with roasted pine nuts is one of my absolute favorite treats. I will pick some up this week!

  14. By George, malclave, you're on to something. At the risk of boring people tired of Any Rand tie-ins, a boycott is a direct violation of Point Six of Directive 10-289:

    Point Six: Every person of any age, sex, class or income, shall henceforth spend the same amount of money on the purchase of goods per year as he or she spent during the Basic Year, no more and no less...

    The Federal Government is certainly gathering the power for such directives...and only a few on the fringe are noting the increasing practice of exercising such power.

    I just hope 2010 isn't considered a Basic Year...I bought a house. Hate to have to do that every year.

    BTW, purchased a Husky brand toolbox today at Home Depot. Made in Israel.

  15. BDS really should stand for Boycott Derangement Syndrome.

    Just bought me some Sabra Humus with pine nuts. Delish! (Also, you should know, Trader Joe carries outtasight Israeli sheep's milk feta cheese. Something I loved when I used to live in Israel. I'm thoroughly addicted to it.)