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Monday, February 28, 2011

Most Chutzpah-ish Statement On Public Sector Cuts

United States Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI), regarding the termination notices sent to Providence school teachers because of budget problems:
"U.S. Rep. David Cicilline said Monday that the $57-million-plus deficit facing Providence will require looking at personnel reductions, union concessions and looking at reserve funds."
Now he tells us.

Cicilline was the Mayor of Providence until he was elected last November to the Congress.  Cicilline never took any of these hard decisions or actions, because it would have upset the numerous unions who backed him in the primaries and general election.

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  1. "We have to pass it so you can find out what's in it," comes to mind for some reason.

    Actually, that kinda applies here on multiple levels......

  2. So he is worth watching. He's already demonstrated how adept he is at avoiding being the bearer of ill tidings. If he continues this way he will be qualified to head the Dem ticket on '12 if there happens to be an opening. Best to hide his birth certificate and college transcripts now.

  3. This is precisely the track that California's new Lieutenant Governor -- former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom -- is on right now. He's going to have to address writ large the spendthrift policies that helped cause the problems.

    Newsom thought he would be elected Governor until Jerry Brown sucked up all of the Democrat air out of the state, and he realized he couldn't beat Brown in a primary. So he said he would not run because he wanted to pay attention to his new family, having married about a year earlier (after his divorce from Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle) and having his first child on the way. But when Ahnuld appointed situational Republican Abel Maldonado Lt. Gov after Dem John Garamendi left to run & win the seat abandoned by Ellen Tauscher, Newsom saw an opening, and suddenly decided, to hell with my family, I'm going for it. Despite S.F. running up a deficit upward of $400 million, he defeated Maldonado easily because 1) Maldonado's an empty-suited wimp who was the tie-breaking (and sole GOP) vote on a massive tax hike that only temporarily filled a budget hole, and 2) The Dems' "Republicans hate you!" campaign among Hispanic voters overwhelmed any concerns among the general electorate about their incompetence in fiscal matters.

    The kicker: After saying he wouldn't run for Governor because he had a new baby on the way, he used his year-old baby girl in his first campaign ads when running for Lt. Gov!

  4. Well, isn't that special. Now that Cicilline is no longer mayor, Providence needs to look at personnel cuts and union concessions to fix the problem he created.

  5. Typical Democrat, walk off with the good will, create the problem, pretend he had nothing to do with it, bemoan the situation and then let some sucker take the heat for either raising taxes, cutting wages or reducing the work force. Usually that sucker is a Repub, but this time as fate would have it, a Dem has to fall on the sword.