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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maybe There's A Good Reason Gov. Scott Walker Exempted The Police

from his plan to scale back (not eliminate) collective bargaining for state workers.  And contrary to the general mainstream media spin that Walker was rewarding a politically supportive group, perhaps Walker realized that when contronting the public sector unions, he would need all the protection he could get (image via Daily Caller):

There is a history of such things from the angry left, you know:

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  1. You actually think these cops would lift a finger to defend any GOP politician? They're union first, "police officers" second, and they're milking all this overtime in Madison without really doing any policing. Walker needs to fire all the teachers and police and call in the national guard if he wants any policing done at all. The image of all those union thugs in the capital building was disgusting, there is no way on earth they would let any tea partier, or you or I get away with the same crap.

  2. WI police and fireman unions overwhelmingly supported Walker's opponent. Only in the interest of public safety were their unions exempted from the proposed (and long overdue) budgetary reform legislation. Gotta wonder if they're earning lucrative overtime or even "hazard" pay for keeping the protesting teachers safe from Rethuglican glares and posterboard cuts.

  3. Most police officers are politically conservative and quite cynical about the union brass. It isn't until the rank of Captain that politics gets heavy. Some forty percent of ordinary trade union members are Republicans. That percentage is higher in the public safety trades.

    Still, the real life truth is that if Walker tried to bring the police and fire unions into this mess, the union bosses would call for an illegal job action. There would be enough bulls, um, fertilizer thrown around that public safety might well be impaired, especially with too many urban kids being away from their reforma, er, schools.

    Meanwhile the police are letting the thugs, er, protesters do their thing in and around the Capitol on orders from the governor. You really think Walker is going to miss a chance to let these clowns play the fool on TV?