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Monday, February 21, 2011

Website Loading Problems?

I have received some e-mails from readers complaining that the blog is loading slowly or is generating "flash" errors.

If you have had such problems, please post in the comments, so I can try to ascertain the problem.

Of course, using Blogger gives me almost no control over such things, but identifying the problem may lead me to some solutions via the Blogger "known issues" pages.

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  1. I'm have no problems loading your website from here in Manchester, NH.

  2. Loaded up just fine. I'm in IE7. The Flash problems usuallly occur when a blog has all kinds of video and ads -- especially the ads. Lots of blogs load slowly for me when those conditions are present. Don't recall ever have problems loading Legal Insurrection.

  3. Not only am I not having flash problems, that old problem with logging in via wordpress has cleared up. Not that I'm a tech expert (not even close) but readers might download the latest flash update.

  4. I'm having no problems loading your site either. I called a friend who follows you as well and he quite readily signed on. Are these regular comment posters who are running into problems? In other words, is it possible you were at least partially being bombarded with distraction messages? Or, maybe your site was under attack, and it has stopped.

    I have recently been experiencing problems with Blogger, including a few instances of trouble logging on . . . once while I was logging on to post a comment here.

    In fact, I have quite mysteriously lost temporary access to three separate blogger websites over the past two months. Each instance involved Blogger (Google) failure/refusal to recognize my long-standing passwords. And, in each of those cases, I had a recorded separate copy of my password which I was able to refer back to – so I am confident that none of the three glitches were due to my user error. I was just suddenly shut out.

    The last such occurrence was to this site (Trochilus) of mine, just this past week. I regularly sign in on the site, at least once every day. But suddenly last week, my password was "incorrect." By coincidence, that failure occurred while I was "signing in" to post a comment here on Legal Insurrection. The Google sign-on just did not recognize me, and gave me the "red ink" treatment.

    In all three Blogger-glitch instances I mentioned above, I had to "change" my password. That is a relatively minor annoyance if you happen maintain a separate, backup e-mail address, which is recorded with Google on your "My Account" page, and which you can use to receive a link from them allowing you to "sign in" and change your password. I do. And, I use at least one e-mail account other than a Google-based account to receive that link from Google. I had such a back-up in place in two of the three. The third one was exasperating to resolve, though I finally did so!

  5. No probs, working fine on W7 w/Firefox using Blogger. In fact, faster than normal.