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Friday, February 25, 2011

Exploitation and other crimes.

K. McCaffrey --- According to a wikileak, Gadhafi has stashed over $32 billion in foreign accounts from various government deals over the years. In some circles, this is known as stealing. I guess this is pretty obvious information, no shocker that an African dictator would be a total jerk, but I guess my question is... with those resources, how can you explain this outfit?

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  1. I say let the fashion police have at him first. They'll tear him apart.

  2. Why does Gadhafi have Gorbachev's forehead on his breast?

    (Hope that question doesn't make me a Bircher.)

  3. The outfit is just reflecting the tastes of the tyrant dictator. Which means, of course, he has none. :D

    About the moo-la: that is what dictators do. It explains why Africans "receiving" food and monetary aid are still starving and without necessities, keeping them 3rd world countries. The "haves" line their pockets, the rest starve.

    The same is true for South America, Asia, etc. - corruption with absolute power = money for the dictator and his "elite" cronies. Mubarak (or is is Mubarek ;) stole approx. $72 billion. And that is just 2 countries in North Africa. I could go on....

    Ours is a system where you have to work a little harder to steal: public union dues (our tax dollars) go to support Democrats, government "support" dollars go to socialist front groups (e.g. ACORN), monies go to Planned Parenthood to subsidize the abortion industry, etc.

    Tyrants (with help from their useful idiots) always find a way. The end justifies the means, after all. It's the Alinsky way.

  4. The simple answer is, (and this is a little-known fact), every day is Halloween in Libya!!

  5. "Farrakhan a neighbor and close friend of Wright and the president, has been bankrolled by Gadhafi, in 1985 he receive a $5 million interest free loan from Gadahfi."

    "In that same year, Gadahfi spoke to Farrakhan’s Savior’s Day Convention in Chicago and reportedly informed Farrakhan’s followers he was prepared to arm a Black Army in the US to destroy “White America”.

    All one needs to know about Gadahfi, Wright and Obama.


  6. My understanding is that this loot is broken up into $500 million blocks being managed mostly as sovereign funds. It would really be interesting to learn which of our "too big to fail" banks and big name portfolio managers are getting rich off of this loot.

  7. Regarding Col. Q as the fashion plate of the desert:

    Notice, if you will, the obvious double entendre in the opening graf of this current article written regarding "the Mad Dog of the Middle East".

    (That was the moniker attached to the weird hat-wearer by former President Ronald Reagan, just before Gaddafi's Libya was visited by a few F-111F tactical bombers launched from a few carriers of the U.S. Sixth Fleet, presenting Col. Q's Libya with a large number of 2,000 lb. hat removers.

    Back in 1986, Col. Q had long been giving safe haven and complementary training grounds to literally every known terrorist group in the world at the time, and repeatedly taunting the West about it.

    Reagan called the raid a way of providing "incentives" to Gaddafi to straighten his act out.)

    From the first paragraph of the current article about Col. Q's tenuous hold on power:

    "Residents of Benghazi have jailed those they say are mercenaries and set up defences around this eastern city now out of the control of leader Muammar Gaddafi, who has lost control of swathes of Libya."

    Take a gander at the attached photo itself to see just how badly he has "lost control of swathes of Libya."

  8. how badly he has "lost control of swathes of Libya."

    Heh, Trochilus :). Swatches, too.

  9. Correction re my comment above: The large bombers and electronic countermeasures craft didn't take off from the carriers, but the support fighters did.

    @sort of runic rhyme . . . Yep!