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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Bumper Stickers That Got Away

I pulled into the Wegmans shopping center in Ithaca tonight and saw the mother of all bumper sticker collections on the back of a beat-up sedan.

I'm telling you, this was it, the bumper sticker photo to top all bumper sticker photos.  So much bumper sticker craziness it confused the eye.

But I was driving down the parking aisle and the car was pulling out of a spot.  I would have had to block its path to get the photo.

Faced with the possibility of a collision, or possibly a charge of unlawful imprisonment, I let it get away.

But I'm telling you, this was the big one.

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  1. So, will you be installing a dash-cam?

  2. It's the same thing with me when I see flying saucers from horizon to horizon. There are never any other witnesses and it always happens on those rare occasions that I don't have my camera with me. Why is that?

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  4. Wegman's has *awesome* pastries... I gained a few pounds off of Wegman danishes.

  5. Well, it was in Ithaca; the honey hole of weird and fascinating bumper stickers. I'm sure that, like the fisherman who has just seen the big one bump his lure or the hunter who sees the buck of a lifetime bound away through the forest, you'll get another chance. Maybe not for the monster of all monsters, but for a lunker just the same.

  6. Sounds like a fishy "fish story" to me. I want pictures, professor and I want them now! :)

  7. But I'm telling you, this was the big one.

    I can picture the movie scene now... Roy Scheider in the passenger seat, telling Prof. Jacobson "you're gonna need a bigger camera".

    Just when you thought it was safe to go into the parking lot...

  8. My theory is that those "BS collector" folks tend to hit the streets in response to either an "emotional" need, or a perceived physical need, one that is especially well-driven by a momentary panic taking hold.

    From what I've seen, they are most likely to be sighted in supermarket parking lots (or possibly at Walmart) just prior to, or during the opening stages of a major snow storm . . . purchasing a few staples they suddenly discovered at the last second that they did not have at home, such as bread, milk, or eggs, or spaghetti sauce, perhaps even a few cans of beef stew or the 'fixins for veggie-loaf.

    (Hey, no fair asking me what I was doing there!)

    One of the best places used to be just outside the video store, also just before a major snow storm. But since so many of those have disappeared, the remaining ones are now unreliable gathering places.

    I must be wrong, but I would think that Wegmans is almost intrinsically a somewhat less likely candidate. But I haven't taken to hanging out in Wegmans lots, so I can't be sure. We don't have one close by.

    Maybe Wegmans is better for larboard-leaning BS collectors, because they'd hate to be seen shopping at Walmart.

    Well, I'm going to start taking my camera in the car with me, because I've seen some real doozies. My favorite of all time was a "Buy American" sticker on the back of an old Volkswagen.

  9. I'm still waiting to get "Republicans vote Voldemort". There's at least one around here.

    For those who know the Harry Potter characters...a perfect counter would be "Democrats vote Gilderoy Lockhart"