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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Has Joe Biden Finally Made Sense?

Imagine my surprise when I saw the Memeorandum headline Joe Biden / Washington Post - Obama: On The Way To A Failed Presidency?:

Could it be?  Another Biden gaffe?  And in The Washington Post, of all places.

Nah, just a screw up by Memeorandum's algorithm.  The op-ed actually is by Katrina vanden Heuvel, publisher of the left-wing magazine The Nation.

For a moment I thought that the person second in line to the Presidency finally made sense. 

For just a moment.

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  1. ROTFL.

    I was similarly puzzled while sifting through my google reader at pjToddler's ballet lesson this morning.

  2. I love how the article refers to "unconscious Kenyan socialism"... did she mean Keynesianism???? Another thing that really gets me about progressives like this is how they claim that we can't afford to give billions of dollars to the "greedy geezers", afterall the "$60 billion each year in Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans could pay for universal preschool for America's children, or tuition and board for half of America's college students." Does she not realize that they are taking the money from them in the first place. Wow, these people really feel a sense of entitlement don't they? They are not GIVING them money, they are just STEALING less. Most of the articles by the mainstream media frame the argument the same way.

  3. Has the 'human gaffe machine' finally malfunctioned???

  4. Gee. I believed the guy when he told us... twice... that Obama wasn't ready to be president.

    In that regard, Biden was dead on target.

    Unfortunately, it appears he hasn't made sense since.