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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frank Zappa: "I'm A Conservative"

Sent to me by a reader as a potential "Video of the Day" candidate, but deserves its own post.

As a youthful Zappa fan, I enjoyed this very much. The "I'm a conservative" statement comes at 3:15.

I didn't realize until I graduated high school that there was no such thing as a Dental Floss Tycoon.


Update:  Soccer Dad reminds me of Alice Cooper's own conservative rant.

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  1. I've watched this interview a dozen times. Sucks I was too young to ever see him in concert. Great musician and a cool guy.

    He is the only reason I know what a telefunken u47 is. :)

  2. Zappa's words to live by: "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow".

    Timeless advice.

  3. Um, I thought that was 'Mental Toss Flycoon' :)

    I figure the odds be '50-50'...

  4. Didn't this guy name his kid Dweebil or something like that? What Conservative names his kid Dweezil?

  5. I have to say that I agree with Mr. Zappa about words. The Washington Times guy who want government to control what words can filter into music in the name of public decency makes me very nervous. He is a supposed conservative proposing progressive-think concepts.

    Zappa was a musical genius. And strange. Who would name a kid Dweezil?

  6. I admire his clarity in "I'm The Slime" and "Trouble Comin' Every Day."