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Monday, December 6, 2010

This Is An Honor, Right?

I am "honored" to have been asked by BigFurHat to be the judge of the PUK Award at iOwnTheWorld.

This IS an honor, right?

Do you think I made a mistake in giving him my social security and bank account numbers, and passwords?  He said it was required if I were to be the judge.

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  1. One final thing just to tidy up. Just crossing the t's and dotting the i's -
    Are those passwords case sensitive?

  2. It's a terrific honor. PUK was so witty and brilliant everyone at Just One Minute loved him. There's a special tribute page to him if you are interested--we collected some of his remarks and saved them there. Whenever I read them my eyes fill with tears remembering that wonderful man and I know I am not alone..Most people didn't know that he stayed up all night entertaining us because he was in such physical pain he could not easily sleep.

  3. For you and your readers, the PUK memorial page at JOM..gathered from his many comments there in loving tribute to a great man and a superior wit whom we adored.

  4. It just so happens that you were named in the will of a wealthy Nigerian oil baron and are due to receive 10 million dollars. So, just send me your SSN and bank account numbers as soon as possible and I'll facilitate the transfer. WAIT! DON'T GIVE IT TO THAT IOTW GUY, HE'LL EMPTY YOUR ACCOUNT!

  5. Nah, you didn't make a mistake. Give him the diamonds you got in the safe, too. You know judges gotta cough up collateral, right? If you're worried, I'll take care of them for ya.