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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scaring My In-Laws

I posted on Friday about how the internet filters at the Department of Defense blocked access for internal users to Legal Insurrection.  As a reader pointed out, technically it wasn't DoD, but the Navy and Marine Corps. filters.

Regardless, I should have been more concerned about scaring some of my readers, particularly the elderly ones who are not, shall we say, real fans of Obama.

Late last night we received a phone call from my 87-year old father-in-law, in an obviously agitated state.  Our first thoughts upon hearing his voice were that someone had taken ill. 

But it was something else that was keeping him up worrying:
"Mother tells me that the White House is trying to shut down Bill's blog."
We assured him that it was not so, and told him not to worry, that the White House was not trying to shut down Legal Insurrection, but Obama was trying to take away his Medicare and send him to see the death panel.

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  1. That should ease his fears.....

  2. I'm sure that was very comforting! ;-)

  3. bwahaha. This made me laugh. Don't forget to let him know that the WH also wants half of his wealth should those death panels tell him to take the cheap, "patriotic" route (i.e. forget any life-saving measures and just "take a pill").

  4. Some of us are posting chocolate chip cookie recipes to throw the gum shoes off.