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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mitt Romney, The Responsibility Candidate?

"To err is human.  I had what at the time seemed like a good idea as to how to expand health care coverage, but it turned out wrong.  I'll take part of the blame, but others who acted beyond my control also share in the blame.  The key thing is to learn from mistakes, not to compound them.  That is a lesson I have learned."

"Unfortunately, the Obama administration does not learn from its mistakes.  Stimulus, health care, debt, deficits, spending out of control.  The response is a refusal to learn from mistakes or to accept responsibility, at all."

"You have a choice in this election.  Elect a President who learns from mistakes and accepts responsibility, or re-elect a President who is incapable of learning from mistakes or accepting responsibility.  The choice is yours."
Does it work?

Update:  Alternative view, nothing for which to apologize.

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  1. Vote for me because my poor judgment resulted in one ginormous policy failure while the other guy's poor judgement has resulted in a long list of ginormous policy failures.

    It probably won't sell in Peoria.

  2. It could, but it goes against the current political theory of "Promise Americans everything and hope they never find out your lying," so who knows.

    But I'd use better language, and I'm not convinced that Romney's "Relax, I'll still be rich long after you're dead" aura will play well in 2012.

    Still, not my favorite but I could vote for him without holding my nose.

  3. It works for me. Who better to contest an ill-conceived piece of legislation than one who has learned from the lessons of his past. No one on the Republican side is better positioned to rationally contest the failings of Obama Care.

    It would be a Clintonesque type of move .. the ability to move beyond one's initial ideology.

  4. No, no and nope.

    Okay Mitt, come back and fix this pile of !@#$. Oh that's right your long gone now. So much for the responsibility part.

    Hey Mitt, how about take a number at the local ER and get in line with the non-taxpayers and illegals, because we're all the SAME NOW but WE'RE NOT, when it costs me $1200.00 out of pocket cash a month for my family of 4. Are you gonna help me next year when all the premium does is go up? In whole it's $25,000+ and rising.

    How about the months you have to wait for appointments because their aren't enough PRIMARY CARE DOCTORS and their full up and tell you to go to the ER for minor healthcare issues. Whose benefitting from that?

    I'll stop because noone is listening to me and Mitt, I'll never vote for you until you fix this little mistake called my healthcare. You'll promise and never deliver. That fish wrap Globe article was a feel good joke on conservatives.

    I can't believe the Massachusetts Tea Parties would indorse you anyway.

  5. Mass care..........not going to happen. Get another candidate, he isn't pretty enough to erase to financial mess he helped sign into law.

  6. 1. Does it work?

    It doesn't work for me because Romneycare, bad as it is turning out to be, is not why I stopped supporting him for President: I stopped supporting him when he declined to run for a second term in the Democratic year of 2006.

    Had he bucked the odds and beaten Obama buddy Deval Patrick, Romney would be President today IMO.

    2. But your post implies a related point: after a reform of the magnitude of Romneycare, Romney should have stuck around to oversee its implementation and try to correct any negative unintended consequences.

    3. The foregoing goes double for Palin, who not only did not run for reelection but walked out in the middle of her term.

    In her resignation speech, Palin stated that an ethics law that she had "championed" was being used to harass her--yet afaik she made no effort, before or after her resignation, to rectify the deficiency in the legislation she had pushed.

    4. If Palin gets the nomination, she might pick Romney for VP to put some executive experience on the ticket & attract independent voters. I haven't thought through my reaction.

    If Romney were nominated, would he emulate McCain? Would Palin agree to run for VP twice? I have no idea.

  7. Why does Romney have to be the choice?

  8. It goes a LONG way towards helping me re-consider him as a viable candidate. Without something very close to this, as far as I'm concerned he's TOAST.

  9. If this had been said a couple of years ago, it would have been a winner. Now, not so much.

  10. Say you're a conservative looking at the number of people who are not covered by health insurance. Say you believe in the free market, individual freedoms, and the American Dream. Say you run a state (commonwealth) in which most of the people who are not covered are illegal aliens. Say you know that. Say you then come up with a wonderful plan to force every tax paying citizen to purchase health insurance or pay a fine to the state (commonwealth) for not doing so, and then you set up a government healthcare agency to work in tandem with the state (commonwealth) income tax office to ensure that everyone is "paying their fair share" of this shiny new entitlement.

    At what point in that thought process have you STOPPED being a conservative?

  11. No. He's a weather vane. He's saying this today but was silent yesterday. Heaven knows what he'll say tomorrow. If Americans suddenly love OCare, Romney will say he was prescient.

  12. No. Romney shouldn't even run. Even Obama will use RomneyCare against Romney.

  13. Mitt McCain?

    John Romney?

    Mitt W. McRino?

    It's all puddin' to me. HIt the road Mitt.