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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Legal Insurrection is the greatest blog I've ever seen"

Who am I to argue with a tireless and indefatigable blog goddess:
"Legal Insurrection is the greatest blog I've ever seen. It is full of insightful commentary on the human condition, with a wit-tinged subtext calling out for hope in a world of change, bringing joy to many all in HIS spare time."
I'm blushing.

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  1. She just said what all your regular readers already know! Thanks soitgoesinshreveport!!

  2. Meh. Top 3 maybe, but....
    Seriously however, I go to RedState and Legal Insurr first every morning, and thence to Hot Air. The latter isn't on the same level as RS and LI, as it's a compendium rather than independent blogging content. Once I've read the three of them however, my morning briefing is complete.
    Thanks, Professor!

  3. Still staying away from the "newsy bits and links" I see.

  4. Imagine how good it would be if you weren't always suffering from burn out!