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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

As Spokesman For Pointy-Headed People

I take offense to MoDo's PDS hyperbole:
Sarah’s view of America is primitive. You’re either a pointy-headed graduate of Harvard Law School or you’re eviscerating animals for fun, which she presents as somehow more authentic.
I'm the former, but not the latter, yet.  But the two absolutely are not mutually exclusive.

Hell, if Mike Dukakis (HLS '60) can drive a tank, I can gut a caribou. 

I've just never had the chance.  But I could.  And would.  Really.  Don't dare me.  I'm warning you, I'll do it.

Update:  This is why we elites shouldn't let Syracuse U. grads like Hollywood producer Aaron Sorkin write columns like this:
"You're right, Sarah, we'll all just go fuck ourselves now."
Such language, I assure you, never was heard in the hallowed halls of my alma mater.  We would not stand for such incivility.  If I didn't know better, I'd say Sorkin was quite unwashed and probably a hunter.

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  1. Listen up, MoDo: I went to a prestigious law school too, but last summer I killed a fat rattlesnake in my back yard, skinned it, gutted it and put it on the barbie, with a little garlic and lemon. A bit bony, but who's complaining? Take that, elitist wimp!

  2. If you found yourself stuck on a deserted island with perhaps only some primitive tools and you could pick just one companion would it be Obama or someone like Sarah or Todd? Would it be a NYT columnist like MoDo or an engineer?

    I know how I'd pick.

  3. My Dad was a lawyer and then Judge in northeastern Maryland where almost the entire membership of the Bar were outdoorsmen (there was only 1 woman attorney for most of that time and she did her hunting on the courtroom floor where she bagged most of those male attorneys).

    I have no use for trophy hunters. We always froze and consumed all the deer, wild geese, and other game taken from time to time. Palin eats what she kills so I have no problem with her or anyone else that does the same going hunting or fishing.

    I heard a story yesterday on the news about Valley Forge National Park. The white-tail deer herd there has grown from 200 to 1,200 so needs to be thinned. They are have expert marksmen come in to cull the herd and all the meat will be donated. Can you believe some pinhead suggested that rather than killing the deer, the park managers should introduce COYOTE to the area???

    Don't know if you have been to Valley Forge, but it is surrounded by dense suburban and urban development. I wonder what that woman would think if the coyotes came down to take out her dogs, cats, or babies???

    Some folks just have their heads screwed on all wrong -- the engine never seems to connect with the battery.

  4. About the only thing MoDo would be useful for on a deserted island would be something she's obviously not any good at, or else she wouldn't be so sexually frustrated.

  5. Don't know if you meant it or not, Professor, but the second Sorkin link ("columns") goes to the same URL as the first link (Sorkin's wikipedia page).

  6. What Sarah seems to be saying to me is that Academicians, lawyers, politicians and Ivy-League types have been at the helm for quite some time and look at the results. Nothing is working. It's time to bring in people who have dirt under their fingernails and see things differently. That's why the TEA Party wins were so important. You get REAL people - doctors, nurses, scientists, business owners, etc.

  7. Auntypittypat, I LOVE that analogy!! I want to use it!
    LOL! the engine doesn't connect with the battery.

    As for the pointy headed types vs. the "primitive" types.

    I'm one of those primitive types. I have shot both men and game, at various times in my life. (the latter was done at the behest of country and some more of those pointy headed types..but it needed to be done.)
    I didn't go to Harvard but I hold no malice towards those who have...
    I fail to see what bearing the origin of your knowledge has on a situation, as long as that information is accurate and cognitive.

    But that's just grunts from this "primitive" type.

  8. umgowa!!! substitute Former for latter please.

  9. @patrioticamerican

    Bingo. Only thing worse than a frustrated woman is a man that doesn't know when to put away the Speedo.

  10. Palin is getting under their skin and they have no idea what to do about it or how to handle it. Ignoring Palin didn't work, now this ridiculing of Palin is definitely backfiring. Look for the attacks to ramp up, with much hilarity ensuing.

  11. MoDo is a moron. I bet she's never gutted anything in her life. You don't do it for fun. It's pure necessity. In the case of the caribou, Palin needs the intestines and such for sausage casing. Besides, it's a great biological study for curious kids. I started gutting chickens young and learned a lot of biology that way.

  12. I don't know all of her positions, and am sure I'd disagree with some if I did, BUT:

    I've about decided that Sarah would be the greatest president in American history.

    Why? You have to be the epitome of pure awesomeitude for your every utterance, nay, mere existence, to so thoroughly piss off all - and I mean all - the right people. She's like a younger version of Teh Fred. Only hot and with boobs.

  13. ..and they more they fuss about Palin and have whimpering girly hissy fits like Sorkin's--fretting absurdly, as in yelling in print that certain kinds of meat from the store being cool to eat, but "murder" if from the woods--the more the Left will continue to alienate regular American people.

  14. Make that, "THE more they fuss..."

    My bad. Oops.