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Monday, May 9, 2011

Obama's 60 Minutes Appearance

I thought it was one of his best appearances.  As I watched it, I kept thinking, "Do I know this guy?"

He said mostly all the right things, love of country, forceful defense, and so on and so on.  I didn't like his comment about how there was no need to "spike the football" because "that's not who we are."  By putting it that way, he delegitimized those who feel differently.

He seemed to want to claim the credit, as he did the night of the announcement, but did in fact then acknowledge the long road which led to the intelligence breakthrough.

But overall, he came across as a Barack Obama I have never seen before, certainly not Senator or candidate Obama, who berated the Bush administration.  The metamorphosis reminded me of this bumper sticker.

Obama acknowledged that this was a very risky decision since we weren't even certain bin Laden was at the house. 

But nothing succeeds like success.  What for another president would have led to claims of cowboy-style foreign policy is viewed as Obama's finest moment because it succeeded..

Now comes the even harder part, because there almost certainly will be retaliatory terrorist attempts.  The old saying that we have to win every encounter, terrorists only have to win one, still applies.

It's hard, though, to see what Obama's next finest moment will be.

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  1. His "finest moment" is all a matter of perspective. For him, it will probably be when he finally sinks this country beyond repair so he and his cohorts can rebuild it in their image (socialists/maoists/communists).

    The fact that he came off so differently on 60 Minutes just might mean he's acquiring new communication skills from the wolf-in-sheep's clothing school of advanced manipulation. After reading David Limbaugh's book "Crimes Against Liberty" I just can't think there's been any meaningful change that could save America.

    My husband thought I was awful for not celebrating bin Laden's death, but all I could think of was how it is going to be used to help Obama continue to destroy our country (if Obamacare hasn't already) and what's so great about that?

  2. It's really nice to know that Barack Obama has finally completed his personal quest to do something, anything, right. I realize that this particular task would have appeared as a footnote on the legacy of George Bush, but at least now Obama can end his Presidency on a high note of success.
    Obama should not forget that it only takes one "ahh shit" to erase a fistfull of "atta boys."

  3. Anyone who believes he's not the exact same ideologue he's been for his entire life is completely delusional. This is the "there are no red states, there are no blue states, there are only the United States" and the "oh, if I HAVE to I'll wear a flag lapel pin while I crotch salute the flag, I will. I won't like it, but whatever it takes to get elected" Obama circa 2008.

    If people fall for that act AGAIN, I really just give up. America is lost.

  4. I agree professor. And I have always been a firm believer that "the office makes the person, not visa versa.

  5. He's doing the Obama shuffle. That is what he is trained to do, say what he has rehearsed, in a friendly setting, with favorable edits, c/o 60 minutes.

    Don't be fooled by his act. And it is an act. He believes everything that happened is because of him. Period.

    If he can pull that over the American public again, like @Fuzzy said, we are done. Stick a fork in it. Done. We cannot survive another 4 years and still be the United States of America, under the US Constitution, solvent or on the path to solvency.

    "Don't get fooled (again!)." (BTW - Can The Who be next on your video list?!)

  6. The reason Obama is coming across differently is that he did make a gutsy decision. He violated his core beliefs about the legitemacy of unilateral military action against people he believes should be routed through the criminal justice system. He is now trying to make sure that his underlings are not similarly compromised. If he can make some political hay out of it with independents, so much the better.


  7. The term, "aggressive mimicry" comes to mind.

  8. woah - Obama's finest moment was actually making a single pro-American decision. Sheesh.

    Neo - O-man's got so many oh-S moments that he'd need years of attaboys to erase them.

  9. Could this have anything to do with his ability to fake sincerity?


  10. George Bush provided the critical path to carry out this mission in a foreign country...unilaterally. See NYT Sept. 2008:

  11. Well, you're a better man than I am, Professor.

    I saw the same thing I've always seen from Obama - a preening narcissist who is willing to say anything to make himself look better than he really is.

  12. It may have been "one of his best appearances," but then the bar has been lowered so low for him.

  13. President Me,Myself&I, doesn't get to say who "We" are. You are not me, President 'words I cannot print here'! This is a man who will and can make his mouth say anything.