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Friday, May 27, 2011

Still Digging For "Stolen Votes" In Wisconsin Sup Ct Election

As of this writing, JoAnne Kloppenburg has not yet announced whether she will file a court challenge to the recently concluded recount, which found her losing (again) by just over 7000 votes.  A court challenge must be filed by Monday Tuesday.

As documented here, Team Kloppenburg repeatedly has made noises about "ballot bag security" problems, despite the vote count changing just slightly and in Kloppenburg's favor, from the canvass to the recount.  If there were fraud favoring David Prosser, one would have expected a more substantial vote change and a change in favor of Prosser.

While Team Kloppenburg has not yet announced whether it will challenge the recount, this call for volunteers by a self-described social change consultant who has been "heavily involved" in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, certainly indicates that Kloppenburg is not yet done:
As you may know, I've been heavily involved in the election integrity work around the WI Supreme Court race.

In the next few days, we need a cadre of people to help with a very specific project: reading the minutes (the official record) of the recount from all 72 counties. Do you think some of your readers would help with this? JoAnne Kloppenburg has until Monday to decide whether or not to seek a judicial review. We need people who can commit at least three hours to this project between now and Saturday, so we can pull together their findings and get them to the campaign in time to inform their decision.
We're trying to document that enough votes were affected by irregularities to call the outcome of the election into question and indicate the need for judicial review. How are we doing that? By going through the minutes (official record) of the recounts for as many counties as possible, documenting the number of votes affected by each irregularity....
I e-mailed the author asking whether she was working with the Kloppenburg campaign or coordinating the efforts, but have not heard back yet.

The call for volunteers has been linked by Mark Crispin Miller and also spread via Twitter.

The delusion continues.

Update:  I received this response to my e-mail:
The Kloppenburg campaign is aware of our project. We are not coordinating it with them. Velvet Revolution works on issues election integrity, not specifically in support of any candidate or campaign. While we will share our findings with the campaign and hope that the hundreds of irregularities we are documenting will be considered by the campaign in their decision about whether or not to seek judicial review, we believe this project is important regardless of the campaign's decision. The voters of Wisconsin need to know what really happened in this election, and the whole country needs to understand how vulnerable to incorrect results our election system currently is.

Would you like to volunteer?
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  1. I think the only reason her recount still has any steam is that people are ignorant of how vote counting and accountability works. Even the Wisconsin GAB has rebuked her already:


    The important part that Kloppenburg doesn't want the masses to know is that:

    “Even if the container or bag is somehow opened later, or if the chain of custody is broken, election officials have the original print-out tape from the machine, as well as the electronic memory device from the machine” enabling “election officials to determine the election night vote count.”

    Instead she continues to mislead people into thinking that the 'holes' could have somehow impacted the vote even though the counts have remained the same. This is fear-mongering at its worst. I expect more from a Judicial candidate.

  2. The Trempealeau County Board Chairman sent this letter to the local paper;

    "The recent Wisconsin Supreme Court recount in Trempealeau County resulted in a zero "0" change.
    This should give citizens on Trempealeau County confidence in our elections and is a credit to Paul Syverson and his dedicated poll workers. Congratulations on a job well done.
    Even though there were no changes in the final count, there were ramifications. It took 10 workers three and one-half days to complete the task. It cost the taxpayers of the county $3,402.05.
    Thank you Ms Kloppenburg for adding this to our county budget."
    Sincerely,Wally Geske

  3. She will not give up until the remains of her campaign look like Berlin after its visit by the Red Army.

  4. These people are certifiably delusional. Sick really.

  5. "Would you like to volunteer?"


  6. Things that make you go "hmmm"....

    "Velvet Revolution works on issues election integrity, not specifically in support of any candidate or campaign."

    According to their (partner?) website:
    Partners include: Progressive Democrats of America, Democrats.com

    Maybe they should have said "Velvet Revolution works on issues election integrity, not specifically in support of any candidate or campaign." So long as it benefits Democrats.

  7. The voters of Wisconsin need to know what really happened in this election.

    And they do. Kloppenburg lost.

  8. 'and the whole country needs to understand how vulnerable to incorrect results our election system currently is.'

    Actually we understand this all too well....everytime Al Franken opens his mouth.

  9. Shouldn't that read:

    The progressive voters of Wisconsin need to know "what really happened" in this election.


  10. Question: Is it "Velvet Revolution" or is is "Protect Our Elections" (where the link leads).

    If it's "velvetrevolutions.us" then I find this statement on their "about" page thoroughly telling:

    "The tactics and the power of the Democrats and progressives in this country have not been sufficient to check the actions of a corrupt Republican agenda."

    And then later

    "It is our belief that the past three national elections have been tampered with and are most likely aberrations of the American Voters intentions. ... VR has built a massive mobilization effort to demand that the nine major voting machine companies (which happen to largely and undemocratically be supporters of just one major political party) make their machinery transparent, verifiable, tamper-proof and providing auditable ballots."

    RIGHT. The Republican party had the ability to prevent Obama from being elected (by tampering with voting machines) but instead sank the party giving control over the ENTIRE ELECTED GOVERNMENT to the Democrat party. Great, we're not only corrupt, we're incompetent.

    These Velvet Revolution guys are just more liberal nuts. The more noise they make, the more discredited they look when everything turns out to be on the up-and-up. (p.s.- that's not to say we shouldn't be fighting them tooth-and-nail because of their lunacy, by the way).

  11. "and the whole country needs to understand how vulnerable to incorrect results our election system currently is. "

    Nothing says vulnerable in out elections like the lack of photo ID for voters. Yesterday, we saw another Democrat governor strike a blow against honest elections.


    "Minnesota governor vetoes voter identification bill"

    Democrats just don't want to give up the edge that "No Photo ID" gives them in elections

  12. I went to all the sites involved: Velvet Revolution, the social "change" consultant and protect our election. As far as Velvet Revolution goes, I can say that I was not shocked at the vitriol displayed toward Justice Thomas and his wife, but I was shocked at the amount and level of it. Good grief!
    POE seemed just as bad, but for other reasons - their belief seems to be that only democrats can be legitimately elected and that republicans steal every election they win. Not unexpected from the party of grievance.
    The social "change" consultant seems the most innocent, which probably means she's the most dangerous.