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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Michael Strong


Should you only watch one TED video on public policy, innovation, education, and human potential, please let it be this one:

Michael Strong never disappoints me.

.... neither does his wife.
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  1. That was excellent, but depressing how long it will take to become mainstream thought.

  2. Michael Strong is teaching kids HOW to think. Mainstream academe today is teaching kids WHAT to think.

    In the 60's there was a healthy liberal doctrine that questioned governmental authority, the educational establishment and "society" and encouraged the open examination about everything we were given as pabulum from “the establishment”. This type of critical thinking brought about the civil rights movement and a push for women's equality because we all questioned that which came to us from the elites of government. The benefit of that doctrine was that people were taught to think for themselves and to look critically at anything that came down from "the man".

    Now, liberalism has come 180 degrees and is putting forth the word from "the man" as doctrine that we should infuse into the minds of our children. Isn't it interesting that since academe is the domain of the liberals today, they no longer have any use for independent thinking.