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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prosser Leads in Recount! (Someone Tell Dewey the Party's Over)

The recount is wrapping up in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, the last county to finish the recount. 

False hope was created by an AP headline Tuesday stating that Kloppenburg was in the lead based on mid-afternoon vote totals, but that headline was misleading because Waukesha still was counting and Waukesha was a Prosser stronghold.

Based on precinct by precinct recounts, it was clear that the vote was not changing much.  That pro-Kloppenburg areas such as Dane and Milwaukee counties finished their recounts earlier did not reflect that Kloppenburg actually was winning.

And so it comes to pass.

While there still are some votes to be counted in Waukeshaw, David Prosser finally has pulled into the lead in the recount numbers accepted by the Wisconsin GAB, as reported by JSOnline:
In the waning hours of its Supreme Court election recount, Waukesha County certified enough votes Thursday that pushed incumbent Justice David Prosser into the lead.

The Government Accountability Board's unofficial tally on its website, last updated Thursday morning, shows Kloppenburg holding a 2,029 vote lead over Prosser with 99% of the state's votes recounted.

However, the Waukesha County Board of Canvass Thursday reconciled and accepted all of Muskego's votes, which gave Prosser a net gain of 3,814 votes.

Prosser has gained a handful of votes on Kloppenburg during the recounting of Waukesha County's approximately 125,000 votes.

Additional votes in a portion of the City of Waukesha were also finalized, but work on that city's ballots was to continue Friday.
Since only the City of Waukesha remains, and it went 2-1 for Prosser, Kloppenburg is done.

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  1. She will take it to Sumi's court where Sumi will invalidate the results. The law does not matter.

    "This is what Democracy looks like"....in the Banana Republic of Wisconsin.

  2. Zombie Kloppenburg

    "[S]he's only mostly dead. Mostly dead I can do something about"

    "Bring out yer dead", "but I'm not dead, actually I feel much better" "What?" THUMP.

  3. I won't believe it until I see the corpse ...its going to court ....bet on it

  4. They say it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings. You've got Willie Nelson, must not be over yet.

  5. @f2000 I would say you are responsible for some serious keyboard spillage . . . but I haven't stopped laughing yet, so I have yet to compile a full assessment of the "damage."

    Good one!

  6. Whoever thought up the obvious counter-ploy to Dane and Milwaukee Co vote counting should be congratulated. They thought they had stuffed enough ballots to win a close election, then bring on the votes from a reliably Republican stronghold after the Dems have finished counting. This is Genius, pure genius.

  7. Ken why do ya think they are so pissed. Hell whats a good union member to do when ya can't rig elections

  8. Will somebody please post the first official vote count totals, alongside the official recount totals? It will be interesting to see whether the Republican or the Democrat vote-snipers did better at affecting the recount.

  9. Prosser the winner by over 7,000 votes.

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting as of 5:30 pm (Central time) on Friday evening, that Justice Prosser has prevailed by an unofficial margin of 7,006 votes. The headline of the story is, "Recount shows Prosser still the winner by more than 7,000 votes."

    Kloppenburg's spokesperson sounding a bit muted, but will not say whether the loser will attempt to challenge the results in court.

    From the story:

    Madison - With the weeks-long recount complete, unofficial numbers confirm that state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser narrowly defeated Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg in the April 5 election, but the fight may now turn to court.

    Final recount numbers expected to filed later Friday showed Prosser with a 7,006-vote advantage over Kloppenburg.

    Kloppenburg will spend the coming days reviewing the findings of the recount to determine whether to sue over the results, said Kloppenburg campaign manager Melissa Mulliken.

    "I'm not going to speculate" on the likelihood of a lawsuit, Mulliken said. "We have to look at the record and analyze the evidence and the law and make our decision from there."

    The Prosser camp noted that she has a "right" to appeal but that she should not do so.

    Prosser campaign manager Brian Nemoir said a legal challenge to the election results was unwarranted.

    "As an attorney, Ms. Kloppenburg would know she has a 'right' to go to court, and as an attorney she should recognize it's not the right thing do," read a statement from Nemoir.

    "Our frustration with a legal challenge would be shared by the voters, taxpayers and legal community who expect better from Ms. Kloppenburg."