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Thursday, May 26, 2011

So Leave NY, Like Everyone Else

... if you don't like the old-style license plate New York uses.  People have left for lesser reasons, like lower taxes, fewer government regulations, easy concealed carry permits, and sunshine.

Sent by reader David:

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  1. Well, that's maybe the only reason to stay in NY--I hate the lurid, overdone picture plates a lot of other states have gone to (including my own dear Texas).

  2. Is it not possible to get an understated plate? Outside Virginia, that is? (We've got a great selection here.)

  3. It's uglier than what we had before, and to many folks it seems like a lousy and unnecessary revenue maker for the state.

    I actually liked this little form of protest. A person doesn't become less of a Yankeees fan when they boo their own players who aren't performing.