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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Perhaps David Cicilline Can Volunteer On Weekends

David Cicilline (D-RI), the former Mayor of Providence, left city finances in a shambles, despite assuring voters in the November congressional election that the city finances were sound.

New Mayor Angel Taveras was confronted with a financial catastrophe on his hands when he took office in January, and his first move was to issue preemptive termination notices to every teacher in the Providence school system; while most have been rehired, there are significant cutbacks and school closings.

But it will not stop with the teachers, because it is that bad.

Providence has just announced that 60-80 police officers will be laid off if the police union does not make concessions, as reported by The Providence Journal:
Mayor Angel Taveras is threatening to lay off 60 to 80 police officers, or up to 17 percent of the police force, if he cannot wring $6 million in reduced pay and benefits from the police labor union.

Public Safety Commissioner Steven M. Pare delivered the news Monday night to Taft A. Manzotti, president of the police union, that the mayor is considering a layoff of 60 to 80 to help balance the fiscal 2012 municipal budget.
So maybe Cicilline can volunteer to patrol the streets on weekends, when he returns from D.C.  He'll have to walk, however, because his car was just stolen out of his Providence driveway.

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