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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Please Brief Me

I was in the car almost all day.

Have the facts about Weiner's tweet been exposed yet?

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  1. The way I understand it is that the photo is real, but the banner identifying it as being from Weiner's Twitter account was faked.

  2. The major question being asked by Lee Stranahan and the blogosphere is, "Would it pass the wife test?" Agreement all around that, no, not. Da Tech Guy has the odds of following 91 people, several of whom are this college student, a high school girl and a porn star.
    Hey, what are the odds?
    Enjoy the weekend barbecue.

  3. I should also add that there's great derision that no law enforcement has been informed of the felony of hacking a government official's tweeter.
    Also that all the clues leading up to it were deleted, rather than preserved for the sure to follow investigation.
    Also there's great interest that Palin has met Allen West and that she also looks really hot in black leather.

  4. It appears Weiner sent a young girl an indecent photo. Instead of just going to her, it went to about 50,000 people who follow Weiner's tweets. Then Weiner's PR guy tried to say Weiner's account was hacked and Weiner had been tweeting a hockey game a few minutes earlier. But there was no activity for some hours before the photo in question was sent. Latest info says he also tweeted a porn star and a high school student. Not sure if the high school student was the original girl he sent the photo to, but either she or another girl was referring to Weiner as her 'boyfriend' in an earlier tweet. This absolutely would not pass the wife test of anyone I know. I wonder what Weiner's wife thinks of all this?

  5. If this whole thing turns out to be real, Weiner could find himself next head of the DNC or with a lucrative gig at CNN next to Spitzer.

  6. Also noticed very similar comments across multiple boards from Leftwing defenders now trying to turn the focus onto Andrew Breitbart. Looks like Weiner's defensive team is swinging into action.

  7. GatewayPundit has been keeping up to speed on this -- lots of stuff over there. I.e., allegedly, he's been tweeting a porn star, too.

  8. tCI, if the banner identifying it as belonging to Weiner's account was faked, then Weiner's immediate reaction, as well as the follow-up story would seem to be extremely bizarre behavior.

    I'm not going to dig up links, but the site that did the error analysis, that the Kos kiddies are leaning to claim it was fake, says right under their analysis that it does not prove it was faked. Kos kids read until they found something they liked and stopped there.

    Weiner has been tied to the intended recipient GN, as one of his 91 followed tweeters, as well as a female high school student that had also made some curious comments.

    The guy is guilty as sin.

  9. I read that the reason there was no immediate reaction was because they both went to private messaging.

  10. The big question has been (on The Other McCain, Gateway Pundit, and Big Journalism): if this is a real hack, has it been reported to authorities? Either way, why delete evidence of an alleged hacking, apparently a federal offense, since Weiner is a congressman?

    The original twitter account of this Gennette girl has been deleted; the yfrog account, along with all images in Weiner's account deleted; Weiner's tweets scrubbed; the student's articles at the school newspaper she writes for have been scrubbed of her name; the list goes on.

    Evidence destroyed? Or a cover-up of guilt?

    That is still not resolved. MSM is trying to confuse by incorrect reporting, shooting the messenger, mixing up facts and details, thus muddying the waters on what is real, factual, traceable. Business as usual for the water-carrying press fellow travelers.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. @TCI
    If the banner was faked, why would he then say his account was hacked? As I understand his office's statements, they aren't disputing that it came from his account, they're just saying he was not the one who sent it through said account.

    Ace and The Other McCain have pretty good rundowns on it. Like I said in a previous post, I was very skeptical at first. But the circumstantial evidence is starting to get compelling, and Weiner's response has been very different from what you'd expect. This is a guy with security clearances and congressional importance, and his social networks (facebook, twitter, etc) have allegedly been hacked. In what world is that not cause for an immediate investigation? If multiple systems of his have been compromised, mightn't others? Isn't that a cause for some concern? Given that he's being skewered across the internet, why wouldn't he take the most obvious step to clear his (cough, cough) good name?

    Hacking is a crime. But then again, so is filing a false police report.

  12. http://ace.mu.nu/

    And Ace's blog has, perhaps appropriately, been all weiner, all the time, today. I'd scan through the posts and the sidebar for a fairly complete catalog of the happenings

  13. Here's a link: 'Porn Star Says Weiner Sent Her a Private Message'.

    I'm going over to Gateway right now ... Maybe Fox News will cover this. Sean Hannity for sure ...

  14. http://icanstalku.com/ 'Did you know that a lot of smart phones encode the location of where pictures are taken? Anyone who has a copy can access this information." http://icanstalku.com/how.php

  15. The cut to Rand Paul was the money moment in this video. He looked like the high school senior who's been asked to monitor the freshman section of the cafeteria.

  16. Someone is claiming they can prove it came from Wiener if they can get someone who viewed the picture before it was deleted.

    The victim has now made a statement, she sounds like a total fruitcake.

  17. I never would have guessed that Weiner carries his private stash of pork sausage on his private person.

  18. And it seems there was a Mega-Death Monster Truck Twitter War between Ace & Jpod. Grab the popcorn.

  19. We'll know it was his weiner when he, with his wife standing supportively by his side, makes a statement. His wife may even go on to explain that Weiner doesn't own any gray boxer-briefs and is a strictly boxer (or briefs) only kinda guy. Ah, heck, we know now.

  20. Using the word "brief" in the title is interesting. I still am not convinced that this is Weiner's wiener (I have not tired of using that all day). For one - the wiener in the photo appears to be a whopper and anyone knows that a guy that is as big of a wiener as this Weiner probably has a very small wiener.

  21. The elephant in the room here is that YFrog and Twitter need to be contacted as to whether a hack occurred and whether they now look bad because it DID occur or are they going to fall on their swords for the Weiner?

  22. Van Halen; you mean will they take it in the shorts for a Democrat?

  23. Please debrief me let me know
    Why you don't tweet me anymo'
    To waste my pose would be a sin
    please debrief me and let me tweet again

    I have found some new pants dear
    and I will always want them near
    They're warm and snug and hold me tight
    so release me and I will say goodnight

    A hacker went and did divulge
    and now my fans have seen my manly bulge
    To share my weiner with only you
    would be a sin so I must bid adieu.

  24. As I read this story and comments, for some reason a song melody keeps popping up in the dirty recesses of my mind along with the lyrics......

    If I were an An-tho-ny Weiner, all the porn stars would be in love with me....and IF I was an An-tho-ny Weiner, my wife would be mad as hell with meeeee ee ee........

  25. Have the facts about Weiner's tweet been exposed yet?

    Cute, very cute professor. ;)


    No, who/whomever was wearing boxer briefs..

  26. As I am watching for the umpteenth time "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room", it strikes me how even though this documentary keeps getting shown over and over again on CNBC, the very people who made Enron possible are still in power which is why people like Weiner get caught and nothing happens.

    Not only that, many of the "innovations" using "financial architecture" (accounting trickery) Enron introduced to "deregulated free markets" have since been adopted by the Wall Street/DC establishment. Can the accounting for major banks become even more opaque that they are today?

    There is a good reason why corruption today is so brazen and out of control: we not only neglected to root out the Enron in our government, we embraced these people and their ideas and deployed them on a larger scale.

    Regulation is supposed to be about checks and balances where regulators, accounting firms, law firms, and investors have incentives to say "no". With corruption as we have today, those who are supposed to say "no" are all part of the scam. EVERYTHING is "too big to fail". We are now "too big to succeed".

    That is why we keep unearthing of these incidents of blatant corruption and nothing ever happens. That is why Barney Frank and their ilk, even though caught in flagrante dilecto, are never prosecuted. That is why nothing will come of this Weiner episode either. The corruption is too widespread. "There but for the grace of God go I" is the prevailing barrier between a free society and the tyranny that is spreading out of control.

    How does a society save itself from such corruption? Everyone is on the take including most of us who won't surrender our "tax breaks" and welfare checks. It is hard for me to see how this ends well.

  27. A spokesman for Rep. Anthony Weiner, New York Democrat, told The Daily Caller the Congressman’s team has “retained counsel” and is exploring the “proper next steps” after his official Twitter account posted a picture of a man’s erect penis underneath gray boxer shorts. The internet-driven scandal has come to be known online as “Weinergate,” a pun on the Congressman’s last name.

    “We’ve retained counsel to explore the proper next steps and to advise us on what civil or criminal actions should be taken,” Weiner spokesman Dave Arnold said in an email. “This was a prank. We are loath to treat it as more, but we are relying on professional advice.”

    Ave of Spades

  28. So. Has anybody seen Mrs. Weiner and Lady Gaga in the same room at the same time?