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Saturday, May 28, 2011

"A Great Evil Has Been Loosed Upon The World"

Nothing really has changed at the U.N., even though General Assembly Resolution 3379 eventually was repealed. 

From Durban to Durban II to the sick joke that is the U.N. Human Rights Council, the Palestinian agenda always has been about denying Israel's legitimacy, and the U.N. has been the primary forum. 

Expect more in September.

Added: Can you imagine Susan Rice giving a speech like this?

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  1. Can you imagine ANYONE giving a speech like that today? I'm sure Moynihan didn't check his polling before writing or delivering this speech. The only people defending the values Moynihan was defending are Tea Party conservatives but everyone is at war with us, especially the GOP elites.

  2. The last American I remember speaking like this was Jeanne Kirkpatrick.

  3. I think Pat Moynihan was the last liberal I genuinely admired.