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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ballot Baggers? Hole-y Warriors?

As explained both here and by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, the theories of election fraud propagated by the Kloppenburg campaign based on gaps and holes in ballot bags are absurd because the numbers have not changed much from the election night reports (including by the city of Brookfield), the canvass, and now the recount.

If ballot bag security issues reflected fraud, one would expect to see the vote change significantly, and in David Prosser's favor.  But it did not. Kloppenburg gained 310 votes.

If ballot bag security issues reflected sloppiness of such a level as to affect the election result, one would expect the vote to change significantly.  It did not.

Other than reality, there is nothing standing in the way of this being the greatest election scam ever.

Yet Kloppenburg continues to push the theme even after the recount was completed Friday:
"The recount has uncovered numerous anomalies and irregularities. Vote tallies have changed in every county."
This is pure conspiracy theory at this point, one which cannot be disproved by evidence.  Yet it persists not only via the Kloppenburg campaign, but also through postings by blogger Brad Friedman who has latched onto the ballot bag security conspiracy as portending some nefarious undertakings by Wisconsin Republicans.

So what to call them?

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  1. Didn't I hear something about that same bag problem in Dane Co.? Of course that being the heart of Marxist Wisconsin, nothing was ever made of it except for a passing reference on a blog.

  2. Tenacious.

    The Right could learn a thing or two about the tenacious power of tedium.

  3. They were originally trained in sheep-entrail-reading. But business declined, see, and so....

  4. Kloppenburg, with her repeated unfounded charges of fraud, is doing more to damage the public's faith in free and fair elections. She is a prosecutor. She should be sanctioned for her unprofessional conduct. Yes, she may be exercising her rights, but she is causing damage.

  5. What to call them? That's simple: BAGGERS

  6. "They were originally trained in sheep-entrail-reading. But business declined, see, and so...."

    That's because, as Wisconsin Democrats, they never figured out that an auger is supposed to remove the entrails before studying them. I never did figure out how they managed to fit their swelled heads into.... :-D

  7. Badger Bagger Beggars (h/t Jackie)

  8. Ballot-ectomists

  9. You know, it's funny. These Democrats standing out there hollering about "election fraud" in Wisconsin. Especially those Democrats with a national perspective. We didn't hear a PEEP out of them during the NY-23 race in 2009, where there were VERIFIED instances where the vote count total EXCEEDED the total votes cast.

    Democrats always have righteous indignation that "election fraud" has occurred, right up until it's their candidate that's winning because of it. Then suddenly, magically even, the system is infallible and pure as the wind driven snow.

    As for what to call these paragons of voter empowerment? One word:

    - Hypocrites -



  10. @Milwaukee: Kloppenburg, with her repeated unfounded charges of fraud, is doing more to damage the public's faith in free and fair elections.

    But that's entirely the point. At this moment, the Left is past hoping to get her into office, but they're not letting a good crisis go to waste either. Undermining elections is crucial, as we saw with Bush. And they never let up. Never.

    Ya ever play tug-of-war with a bulldog? They NEVER let go or get tired. You eventually have to let them have the rope. Or consider other options.

  11. Reality check.

    If the bags aren't secure, then you COULD substitute P-votes for K-votes, without changing the total vote count.

    Of course, it appears that the nefarious super-villains actually substituted mainly P-votes for P-votes, and K-votes for K-votes. Good thing Kloppenburg has no legal training, or she'd be thinking "Cui bono" and feeling stupid.

  12. "What to call them?"


  13. "Ballot Baggers? Hole-y Warriors?"

    How about "Sore Losers"? It fits perfectly!

  14. There seem to be two somewhat distinctive strains of paranoia amongst the "torn bag people."

    The first group consists of those who actually believe it so uncritically (and who selectively ignore the torn bags in Dane and Milwaukee counties) that they believe it should be used as a basis to try and legally reverse the results of the election. Those people seem to be clinically off their rockers.

    Alternatively amongst that first group are a). those who think large chunks of results (from Waukesha County, not Dane or Milwaukee) should be thrown out as inherently suspect, and as a result, Kloppenburg should thereupon be declared the victor, and b). those who think the bag tears make the overall outcome so uncertain that the whole election should be thrown out and re-held.

    That entire first group -- the real pathetic nut cases -- are more like "truthers" or "birthers," believing as they do (all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding) that this was a big Republican conspiracy to manufacture votes, stuff ballots into the torn bags, and steal the election.

    "Stuffers" seems like it would fit for them.

    Secondly, there are those who think Kloppenburg got "spoofed" by the Prosser camp on election night, but who grudgingly now know that the election was close but -- unless contrary proof surfaces -- think that she lost.

    However, they feel the trick was inexcusable and therefore feel justified in believing that the "controversy" should be kept alive and used a basis for continued squawking in order to try to cast doubt, not only on the electoral process, but all State governmental initiatives -- as long as the Republicans are in charge.

    They also want to keep attacking the recount as a way for Democrats to somehow "regain" the initiative on voter security.

    Those people are "spoofers."

    I'm not sure JoAnne Kloppenburg knows where she comes down at this point. At least she does not know which of the two positions she will embrace as a basis for her decision which she will announce on May 31st.

    Whatever she does I do not believe she will ever voice a concession to Justice Prosser.

    She may say that she tried to get an independent investigation of the Waukesha matter (beyond the GAB investigation), and in the absence of such a thorough investigation, she is unfortunately unable to prove what she and her supporters believe to be true -- that there were too many anomalies, and that the election outcome remains uncertain, primarily because of what happened in Waukesha County.

    Anyway, that's why I think the two positions call for the two somewhat distinct characterizations.

    Regardless, they are all committed "WI-baggers."