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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Summer hiatus.


Today is the last day I will post here until school starts again in the fall. I have a full plate between my Bartley Fellowship in London, resuscitating The Politicizer, and studying for the GMAT.

Anyway, I owe much thanks to the readership and Prof. Jacobson for allowing me to contribute. As I'm sure it has become evident, Prof. Jacobson is one of the hardest working guys in the blogosphere. It was a real honor to be trusted with a regular post and it has been a pleasure.

Within the past eight months that I've been posting here and keeping track of the news cycle, I have learned a lot of things and I've reinforced a few of my priors. Allow me to share a few...

Lucianne.com is fantastic.
I'm lucky to have been born in America.
Contemporary liberalism is a prime example of the Nirvana Fallacy.

Despite the nosedive this administration has taken, there are some players who are making strides towards small government. (There are some even looking on the high seas.)
In other words, the future isn't exactly bleak.
Sarah Palin is one elusive lady.
I wouldn't blame the Tea Party for splitting with the GOP establishment.
I just hope the right ideas win in November.
Meghan McCain is more starved for attention than I could have known.

At any rate, I hope to come back armed with a ton of European news and analysis! Have a good summer.
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  1. It sounds as though you're going to have an exciting summer. Enjoy every minute; it goes fast. Look forward to hearing from you in the fall.

  2. Kathleen, don't forget us. Maybe you and the professor can arrange it so that if you run across something really interesting in the UK you can share it with us. Watch out for that Euro meltdown! Have a wonderful summer.

  3. Have a great summer.
    We will miss you!

  4. Good luck, have fun, and watch out, those people drive on the wrong side of the rode.

  5. Have a great summer, Kathleen. Looking forward to your return and your perspective after spending a summer in London.

  6. Good luck on your next projects Kathleen!