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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stop Disrespecting My President

First it was Bibi Netanyahu stating that Israel will not go back to the 1967 borders.

Now it is the Queen of England refusing to click glasses.

Maybe she was upset that he had to read his toast from index cards, or maybe it was protocol.

I don't care.  He is my President, and I will not tolerate this.

This is 2008, and we should have moved beyond this type of petty conduct long ago.

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  1. Professor watch between 3:30 an 3:40, she tells the fool to "set it down", the cup he's toasting with while the UK national anthem is playing; she tells him to "set it down".
    She says it very loudly and very beratingly, in my opinion.

    you can hear it very clearly in this youtube:

  2. What gaffe? The Beatific One's holy words were being appropriately accompanied by angelic choirs. All Praise The Beatific One!

    *waves to WH internet-smack-talk police*

  3. She clearly didn't understand that in addition to traveling with ten teleprompters (and a handy stack of index cards) he's also taken to traveling with his own orchestra that plays inspiring and appropriate songs while he speaks. It's just like the movies (sort of like in Animal House, during the ever great "when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor" speech).

    I'm with you, we need to support my president and his traveling soundtrack orchestra. I've been writing to my congressman to have Massachusetts declared the 58th state. No one supports my president like I do.

  4. HA HA HA !!! Tim's right. You can clearly hear the Queen say, "Set it down." At which point 0'bama actually looks embarrassed, which I didn't think was possible.

  5. So this raises the question is it better to have others consider our president to be callow or shallow?

  6. "Set it down" at the 3:36 mark in the youtube link posted. LOL, he looks pissed. LOL!
    Like a mother berating a child. No one is even looking at him as he is toasting. LOL.

  7. You know things have reached a bad place in life when that nice lady, normally the epitome of manners and grace, allows herself to be publicly humiliated - again - by a dilettante half-wit. I'm too ashamed of him to revisit the UK until we once more elect a proper president.

  8. The Queen humiliated Obama the moment she sat him within eyesight of Princess Camilla's human tampon.

  9. Honestly the President probably just doesn't "get it." I know all the Fact Checks have debunked claims that the President doesn't say the pledge of allegiance or follow proper protocol during the national anthem. But I have to wonder if this was something he learned to do for the political arena. Liberals in general seem to think that they are exercising their right to dissent by not participating in national anthem courtesies. And I would be almost certain that most of the congregation of Jeremiah Wright's church would find no reason to respect our flag. So maybe he just doesn't get it, maybe he doesn't understand why anyone would want to respect the flag and anthem.

  10. Holy crap, that's comedy you pay for, right there! Too, too funny.

    What a maroon!

    I watched the long form version of the video, in which he drones on and on... takes a while to reach the punchline, but OMG. So worth it. I would never have guessed that I'd witness the Queen of England calling our black Jesus on his lack of decorum, but there she was, doing just that. Lord love her!

    May I just add that I'm glad she did it, even if it was a terrible breach of protocol. Then again, blathering on with his idiot toast during the national anthem was really tactless. Not that we'd expect any better of him... So I guess, in the end, one breach of protocol deserved another.

  11. He's not President... it's only 2008, after all. If he's elected this November, then he will be inaugurated in January of next year.

    Off topic, who else is stoked for the upcoming Beijing Olympics?

  12. You mean they weren't playing another American Song (My Country, 'Tis of Thee) whilst he toasted?

    What? That's the British National Anthem God Save the Queen (or King - depending on the monarch)?

    Why'd they copy our song?


    wv: spatton

  13. Does anyone remember George W. Bush having a quick misstep or malaprop with the Queen during his administration, and Bush quickly turning to her and she giving him a look straight out of Barbara Bush's playbook.

    I seem to remember that although it was a quick and innocent breach of protocol, the moment was endured with warmth and friendship - unlike this boorish boob of a man.

    Lord, please deliver us from this man. And quickly.

    Oh, I found it! Here's the video:


  14. turfmann:

    maybe the queen is still holding a grudge against the First Family from this incident:


  15. @VerHusbandFather

    Liz is probably wondering if it would be a breach of protocol to conk the two of them over the head with that bust of Winston Churchill.

    It is just beyond comprehension how rudely Obama has treated the British since his coronation. What with the tacky gift to Gordon Brown that wasn't even compatible with British devices, to the returning of the statue, to getting under the Queen's crown last night, it wouldn't surprise me to find a British Man-of-War in Boston Harbor this weekend.

    Sure does lend credence to Dinesh D'Souza's book, doesn't it?

  16. Obama thinks he is above the rules ..any rules

    Where was his protocol advisor?

    He has consistently acted like a no nothing abroad

  17. TAR said,

    "He has consistently acted like a no nothing abroad".

    So in other words, he is just being himself.