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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old School

I had a Volvo 240 wagon for 14 years.  I hated to let go of it, but the time had come.  I sold it in 2003, and the person who bought it from me still has it on the road.  The engine pretty much can run forever.

I always thought of the 240 as a Series around which Naderite liberals and cheap-as-hell capitalists (like me) could unite.

This image was taken by reader Jason in Raleigh, NC:

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  1. It also looks like it has the proper "never been washed" patina that all those Cambridge/Concord/Wellesley liberals west of Boston strive for. It's all of the liberal "unpretentious pretentiousness".

    Here in CA, with libs it's either a Prius or brazen flaunting of the fancy sports car. Fifty-something guys with thinning hair, pony-tail and earrings.

  2. Best place I ever saw one of those was on an old Corvair. I got the joke, but I wonder how many others did? (I suppose it could have been a Nader supporting COrvair owner, but if that's the case...then I see the irony)

  3. I had many. I gave one away at over 300,000 miles. It might still be running. I was rear ended by a fully loaded cement truck in one. It was thrown 10 feet but I was not hurt, I was able to drive away from the accident, and the car was rebuilt (it was a no-fault state).

    Two problems were that they were underpowered, though the last two or three years went to 2300cc instead of 2100cc. However, even a
    low pressure turbo would have helped a lot. Also, the air conditioning
    does not really work in a hot climate because the heater heat exchanger is in front of the A/C heat exchanger. I think Volvo engineers of that era couldn't imagine a place that got hotter than 95F.