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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Does anybody really know what time it is, does anybody really care, about time?

During a visit today, Obama signed the guest book at Westminster Abbey "24 May, 2008."

I'm impressed that he got the month and day correct.

This will be about a three hour laugh.

Had it been [insert name of random Rebublican here] it would have been a three week media blitz, followed by a three month series of skits on Saturday Night Live.

But it was the guy who stopped the seas from rising.  So stop picking on him.

Added - Well, he is from Chicago:

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  1. I think it is part of the "Biden for president in 2016" campaign announced yesterday. It's a variation of the Republican "lesser of two evils" strategy only in this case, it's "I'm not as dumb as the guy you called the most intelligent president ever!" strategy. Anything makes sense if you hold your nose long enough.

  2. I'm impressed that he got the month and day correct.

    Actually, I read on one of the news reports that he asked someone there what the date was first. Obviously it was that person's fault for not including the year in the answer and leaving poor BeerO having to come up with a number.

  3. Time is a bourgeoisie construct of the racist oppressor class. Obama shall liberate us from such proletarian chains.

  4. It's just wishful thinking that it was still 2008. He knows 2012 is almost here.

  5. 2008?

    Just wait 'til next year when he's ready to start acting like the President!

  6. Sharp as a bowling ball, isn't he?

  7. I'll bet the guys over at SNL are truly thinking the exact same thing. It's good skit material, especially with the quality of cast they used to have back when ideas flowed through the show freely.

  8. This whole trip was to "highlight" his white side.

    In light of the still ongoing controversy over where he was born and what type of people were his parents, Obama has chosen that tried and true move of any politician: PANDERING.


    Isn't this the same demagogue that threw an offhand zinger at his grandma (the person who actually raised him) about being a TYPICAL WHITE PERSON and didn't he make some famous comments about white people bitterly clinging to guns and their bibles when faced with people who don't look like them? So why is he now trying to embrace that side of his racial makeup? The answer is as obvious and as blatant an attempt at manipulation of people's perceptions as his street preacher style of rhetoric.

    He's still a slick and sly hustler who's learned how to disarm skeptical whites and still be perceived by those of color to be their Knight in Shining Armor come to deliver them the recognition and respect they deserve. Too bad they got an empty shelled ideologue who hates white people, hates everything done by white people and therefore who hates America.

    Seems to me that whites are less race conscious than the average black person and certainly less than this huckster.

    Who seems to have made it his goal to dismantle everything good about America and erect an inept and overextended bureaucracy in place of self reliance and perseverance. The traits that actually BUILT America and were passed down generation by generation, NO MATTER THEIR COLOR, and put into this generation's hands the shining hope of freedom and liberty to people throughout the world.

    Obama has and will do everything he can get away with to dismantle and destroy that hope. All in the name of an ideal of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

    Please help send this South State Street Three Card Monte Dealer back to the corner at 95th street in Chicago.

  9. Wm, pls do a post about Obama's botching of the toast to the Queen. The dolt insisted on continuing the toast through the playing of the Brit national anthem, God Save the Queen, then turned to her with a lifted glass. Likely he was reading notes all the way through. What a guy!

  10. He's a total embarrassment. And I'm not at all surprised that he's still writing 2008. He'll never have another year so good for him (and so bad for America).

  11. Westminster Abbey. Just which of our 57 states is that in, anyway?