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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Infamous Wonkette Writer Resigns

Jack Stuef was the writer at Wonkette who wrote the article mocking Trig Palin which set off a firestorm which took with it numerous Wonkette advertisers.

While Stuef certainly was responsible for what he wrote, the real blame belonged to Ken Layne, the owner and chief editor of Wonkette who has fostered a culture at Wonkette in which mocking Trig Palin was a central theme.

Stuef has resigned as of May 20, according to the announcement he posted:
All Wonkette editors leave you eventually. Today, it is my turn. So this is my last post ever. What a ride, etc.! I’ve enjoyed making fun of politics for this dumb little blog. But now it is time to move on. I came to this site a 21-year-old kid. And now, I can safely say, I’m leaving it a 22-year-old child. Most importantly, we caught Osama bin Laden. You’re welcome....

I live in New York now, and I came here to get back into stand-up comedy and take a shot at writing for television, but I just haven’t had the time....
Where will I go from here? As I said, in addition to doing a bit more stuff with The Onion, I’m going to use the time to write some scripts and get back into stand-up. But I’ll still be doing some freelance work....
Leaving voluntarily, or thrown under the bus? 

Wonkette's advertising looks pretty thin, so there must have been enormous pressure to leave, quickly but not so quickly that it looked like a direct reaction to the fury about the Trig post.
My prediction:  Stuef has a solid career ahead of him in the entertainment industry.  In about a year Stuef will become a writer for Saturday Night Live, just in time to write skits mocking the Republican nominee for President.
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  1. There goes Wonkette's brain trust.

  2. I'm not so sure how well he'll fit in at The Onion, since it's done some pretty hilarious things mocking The One and his followers.

  3. A year and a half from now, Comcast may have raised the bar a bit on some of the raunchier parts of SNL. My guess is that Stuef ends up researching and writing copy on "1000 Ways to Die!"

    Much more in line with this guy's gruesome mindset. A paraphiliac on the way to necrophilia.

  4. Good grief. All that fuss kicked up by some kid barely out of diapers?

  5. More likely he'll end up at PMSLSD - or Algore's Current TV. He'll make a great bookend with Olbermann and won't have to change a thing.

  6. I can see him as a writer for SNL. He's insensitive, unfunny and full of self-importance. Oh, and he wants what he says to educate the masses. (like he has such a wealth of experience to pass on)

    Someone reminded him about how he needed to spend more time with his family and stuff.