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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shhh ... He's Going To Grab A Mantle

Barack Obama is going to speak today about the Middle East.

It will be a historic speaking.  He will speak to the world.  He will tell us what we are incapable of knowing without him speaking.  Everyone will watch, and listen, because he is going to speak.

And it will be on the Middle East.

Will he throw Israel under the bus directly? or just indirectly?  Those are the only choices.

Will he grab the mantle of the Arab Spring which started in the winter and mostly has benefited Islamists who march to the battle hymn of eliminating Israel? 

If not this mantle, which mantle will he grab.  There must be a mantle.

I can't wait.

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  1. World-wide radical jihadism is succeeding like never before after Obam's first historic Middle East speech. In today's address Obama will assure the objects of his bounty and affection that he will do his part to keep their march on track.

  2. Another Obama speech on the Middle East? Haven't those poor people suffered enough, already?

  3. Prof. Jacobson,

    Your commentary is deliciously brutal, in much contrast to the rather genteel photograph of yourself. I find both refreshingly pleasing.

  4. Please tell me what he says, I got bored with Barry about two years ago. Kind of like the rest of the viewing audience.

  5. I fear the 1967 border will be proclaimed by the self proclaimed king of the world..I hope I am wrong but fear I am not...The next couple of days will be most revealing...

  6. Seeing as Obama is consulting with Thomas "Play Misty for me, China" Friedman, the role of Tibet in this psycho-thriller will likely be played by Israel, but without all the supportive bumper stickers.

    Yet, just like old James Bond fans will always consider Sean Connery as the true James Bond, old lefties will still insist that only the Palestinians play the role of the Tibetans convincingly.

  7. Enjoying Odetta Week, Professor!

    Heard a song last night I hadn't heard in years ... Dionne Warwick singing "Promises Promises." Just makes me melt. And a great song to sum up the Obama administration.

  8. We don't know what he'll say, but we know what the media will say: this is the greatest speech in the history of greatest speeches.

    Just like all his other speeches.

  9. Jim has a point. Listening to an Obama speech is like a root canal without Novocain. I'm certain that Obama's speech will be replete with "let me be clear" and "as I have always said".

    Of course while "always" may only be for from a couple of years ago---Let me be clear, as I have always said, "The Won" is a walking disaster.

  10. He did it. DrJim77 was right. Obama is siding with our enemies. Israel is under the bus, rolled on over and over. Worst. President. Ever.

    He even stated truth, whether he knew it or not: these 6-odd months of protests HAVE done more for the advancement of the cause of terrorism than they have accomplished in 8 years of terror attacks.

    Is the word "impeachment" on the table yet? Does this reach "high crimes and misdemeanors" yet?!

    Please, say it IS so. We - and Israel - can't wait until 2012.

  11. Quite convenient for obama to schedule this speech after, but to be done BEFORE the Israeli PM speech to the US Congress...

  12. He doesn't need to grab a mantle, he is Green Mantle.