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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sick and Tired of Blogger Burnout Stories

Okay, blogging is tough.  We get it.  Great Grandma and Grandpa had it easy, with rotary phones and all ("You mean your Great Grandparents had a phone?").

If I hear another blogger complain about blogger burnout, I'm going to scream:
I'm taking the evening off from blogging; I'm worn out. After a solid week off from work (Thanksgiving break), it took less than two days to wear me down again. It's not my job so much but more of a "not enough hours in the day" thing. I'm back to running 12 solid hours every day and by the time I get home, this week anyway, I just want to collapse.
Let me guess, you worked the fields all day, so you don't have the strength to push down on the keyboard with your bloodied, swollen fingers?

What's next, a co-blogger to ease the burden of cutting and pasting cut-and-pasted blog posts from other similarly exhausted bloggers? 

Haven't you figured it out, there is only one original blog post which, like the source yeast at the Guinness brewery, has been kept alive for generations so that others may cut from and paste to it.

It's not rocket science.

You obviously do not have what it takes to make it in this business.  Unlike me.

(Note: This post was edited from the original.)

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  1. Being a troll is exhausting too but you don't hear me whining or hiring a co-troll!

  2. Whaddabout commenters?
    It takes just as much energy to return volley - ask McEnroe or Evert - so have mercy on the lowly commenter. Sure the blogger gets all the glory, all the Instalinks and all the pretty girls, while the pathetic commenter just gets shoved in line with other bozos who think their thoughts are worthwhile. Believe me when your wisdom is sprinkled on down on Page 17 with the spammers and loons it's hard to keep your dignity.

  3. Writer's block? Sure. Burnout? NEVER! Not as long as one dope-smoking, maggot-infested, rubber-chicken-good-time-rock-n-roller, pinko Leftist puke sullies the Constitution of my country.

  4. I treasure my handful of commenters; it makes me happy when I see somebody thought enough of what I wrote to read it AND say something about it too! I'm fairly new so your comments won't get buried at all if you want to come and visit with me sometime, duneview.


  5. You don't get it: it's that guilty prod, the justification for having (or thinking about getting) that handy dandy PayPal button!

  6. But, what are your thoughts on burnouts who blog?

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  7. You're not turning into one of those self-loathing bloggers now are you professor?

  8. A new reader might not realize this post is being factious...

    It is factious, right?

  9. I would write a lengthy rebuttal, Professor, but I am just too burned out.... :)

  10. I can relate to the blogger burnout.

    Some days, after spending all my time at work checking email and reading blogs, I don't even have the desire to log on to my computer at home to play games.

  11. Rather caustic comments about a fellow blogger who admires you so much...an apology is in order.

  12. @Pat - I think people realize I am poking fun at myself and my own recent moaning and groaning about burnout - The admiration is mutual and the readers should know it. If that's not clear, I apologize.

  13. Ha ha. Don't care about reading between the lines on this one.

    I just know that I blog b/c I love it. I love writing, I love making new blog friends, I love that every post might be the Big One (or not). I love the creativity and the freedom and the potential.

    Sometimes my real life is too busy to allow posting. But burnout? Dunno what that is.

  14. @myveryownpointofview - this is just great. People are using my posts for "test" comments. I give up.

  15. Thanks for the "e". I hit publish at the same moment I realized it was missing. It happens every night when I've hit burnout. You're a gentleman and a scholar!

  16. @William A. Jacobson - Well, shoot, I guess I'm not as sophisticated and perceptive as the rest of your readers, then. Here I was getting all concerned about Pat's feelings...and she's already feeling so down. Carry on....

  17. @Adrienne - I had to look up factious, and I think it applies as well, "Given to or promoting internal dissension."

  18. Hello,
    I didn't intend to use your post for a test comment. I've tried to post before and the "system" or whatever wouldn't recognize me. I was feeling shunned. :).

  19. @WAJ "Given to or promoting internal dissension."

    That happens whenever I don't get enough fiber in my diet...

  20. I love this blog, but I have to disagree with it tonight. I've been blogging for over 6 years and have recently taken a break as well. Unlike the blogger you are criticizing, however, I didn't post about why I needed the time off. That being said, there is a lot more to many of us than just cutting and pasting (or did you mean that as tongue and cheek?). I spend a lot of time researching much of what I want to report beforehand, so I don't sound like an idiot online (I'm not always successful there, unfortunately).

    But sometimes, the weight of real life - kids, work and the occasional "what the hell am I killing myself over this for" kicks in and it's best to just take time off before you have a meltdown.

    Aside that, sometimes it's hard not to be feel completely defeated by the goings on around Washington and the world. And for what again? In my case, it's a limited readership (you've gotten more hits in the last two days than I've had in 6 years).

    Sometimes it seems it's just not worth it. Of course, then something eats you up and you're right back into it again.

  21. Typical.....

    Nobody considers reader burnout ;-).

  22. The secret of my miserable success in blogging is to just hang in there. My numbers keep going up as blog attrition leaves the infected blog-zombie-stalkers in search of a fix. Sure, I'm the Sterno of the DT-set, but beggers can't be choosers.

  23. It reminds me of the many songs bemoaning a performer's life on the road, and how awful such a life is.

    Yet somehow the people who sing those songs stay on the road, instead of becoming, say, farmers or mechanics.

  24. I await the obligatory "commenter-burnout" blogpost... don't make me wait for it long else I will surely burnout and collapse from the strain of it all. hahahaha

  25. hee! You're such a wonderful breath of fresh air out here, Professor Jacobson. My favorite twist here is that this is actually an original post (not copied and pasted from a "blogger" who copied and pasted--I'm still undecided if copying and pasting without adding anything of value to the subject is even blogging).

  26. I'm the "blogger" in question; I'm not "burned out" - I was just TIRED last night and took the night off to read a book! The only reason I even posted it is because some of my readers look for my "evening post" because they know one is coming. So that was my evening post. Oy.

    Professor Jacobson, I wasn't "offended" at all; I know all about your quirky sense of humor! :) We go way back; in fact, I think when I first found your blog I did a post on it to which you sort of took offense and "demanded" an apology (all in good fun).

    Nah; dear LI readers - he was just poking fun and no offense was intended or taken.

    But hey, I'm wasting good blog energy over here, so I gotta go back to my own place.


  27. @Fuzzy -
    Hey! He DID copy & paste - from MY post! :)

  28. @Pat, heh, like you and all the bestest bloggers, he doesn't JUST copy and paste, he adds his insight and humor.