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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Hate When This Happens

And I'm sure he hates it too.

I agree with John Cole of Balloon-Juice about the Willow Palin Facebook brush fire, Count Me Out:
Yes, Willow Palin said something stupid on her facebook page. Big deal. She’s sixteen, and most of the time when a sixteen year old opens his or her mouth, something stupid will fall out. Often times, they say things and don’t even really think about what they are saying. So spare me if I refuse to get all worked up about what she wrote. There is a reason we call sixteen year olds “minors” and don’t let them vote, drink, etc.

And seriously. We’re trolling the facebook pages of teenagers looking for political advantage? Knock it off. Willow Palin isn’t the only one who needs to grow up.
And I will agree also when one of the Obama kids says or does something stupid online, or in a text message, or in a phone call one of their "friends" records.

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  1. When I blogged about the use of inappropriate words by teens on facebook and how it could be construed as cyberbullying teens let me know what a moron I was and not in so many nice words.(Who knew that teens had time to troll the internet to read old people's blogs). Not a one of them that wrote comments chastising my point of view had any thought for tomorrow or the long-term implications of what they were writing. The exact definition of teen...

    The truth of the matter, I am sure, is the implication that the reason the Palin girl uses this language is because it is used in her home and that it is just fine with the Palins to use derogatory language. The reality is that the Left either has forgotten what it was like to be a teen, has never been a parent of a teen or have never associated with any teenagers in their lifetime. Teens do what they want, and in most cases just the opposite of what they are told and taught.

    The Left truly cannot deal with the fact that they are rejected by the American populace and have gone from anti-Semitic barbs at Rep Cantor to stalking a teenager on line. I think since they just passed that huge healthcare overhaul and it allows for mental health care, they should go and seek some.

  2. Hmph. "Adult trolling teenagers for advantage" has a name. It begins with "p", and is a felony in most jurisdictions.


  3. Gee, I thought the democraps say that kids are off limits for political attacks. I guess, like everything else from a democrap, the rule only applies to attacks against democraps, but not against repubs.