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Monday, July 13, 2009

Leave Malia Alone

I have blogged about the horrendous treatment of Trig Palin by many left-wing bloggers. While making fun of Trig's Down syndrome makes such attacks particularly disgusting, the point is ... leave politicians' kids alone. Period.

The same holds true for Malia Obama, who has been the subject of attack by some commenters at the Free Republic website after publicized photos of Malia wearing a peace-symbol shirt. As pointed out at Huffington Post, the mainstream media and some left-leaning blogs have participated in hyping the controversy for their own benefit. The person who broke the story is someone who has advocated posting hate speech on right-leaning websites in order to get conservatives blamed for racism, so who knows the true source of these posts.

Obama did not make Malia an issue or use her as a "prop," which were the excuses used to go after Trig. The children of politicians inevitably appear in public, at campaign events, or in photos, but that does not make them fair game.

Regardless of who is to blame and who hyped what for whatever reason, leave the kid alone. Period.

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  1. Hear, hear. The hands-off force field the Clintons constructed around Chelsea was the most successful thing they ever accomplished, and one for which I applaud them. But that's about all.

  2. I don't think it matters. Liberals were hyping made-up quotes about Obama last year, and they'll continue to do so. Conservatives are the only group that is responsible for the actions of every person who claims to be a member, whether they are or not, or who can be portrayed as a member, whether they are or not.

  3. I posted about Malia's shirt, complaining that her parents dressed her that way. I think it is wrong of the parents to use a child to make a political point, which is how the picture struck me. They should make their own political statements and leave her out of it.

    We agree on that.

  4. Opus #6, I agree with you 100% that her parents were making a statement. The flip side is, the Left accused Sarah Palin of using her children to make a statement. They (the Left) were wrong, and I doubt they even believed it themselves, but it is just better all the way around to leave the kids out of it.

  5. Absolutely - She is only 10 for goodness sakes! Both his children are lovely. What is wrong with some people? When I was 10 - I wanted peace symbols - (it was 1969) really - 10 year olds, while influenced by the adults in their life, can still make fashion decisions. I did all the time. Let's be bigger than the moonbats

  6. Amen! Thank you for posting this.

  7. I had a brother that had a marijuana shirt he wore (I think he even wore it for school pictures one year). No one in the family realized what the plant on the shirt was until we were watching the news and they had a video shot of a marijuana plant. Kids choose their own fashion and even if the parents are trying to use the kids for their benefit, LEAVE THE KIDS OUT OF YOUR CRITICISM. You only sound like a disingenuous whiner trying to grasp at anything.