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Friday, July 31, 2009

Beware Throat-Stamping Liberals

One of the joys of blogging under your real name is getting e-mails like this:
Mr. Jacobson,

You wrote: "While the mainstream media and left-wing blogs constantly tell us that Republicans and conservatives are dead politically, I don't think they actually believe what they are saying."

Actually, some of us remember 1993-94. We assumed you were "dead" then too. We learned a lesson there. Respond. And respond quickly, no matter how absurd or seemingly petty the attacks from conservatives.

This time, Mr. Jacobson, we know you're down and we're going to keep you there. We intend to step on your throat.

That's why you're seeing this reaction. You can't get away with your garbage any longer.

Get used to it.
Let this be a lesson. While we appear to be on the cusp of avoiding a health care "reform" disaster, and maybe even averting the cap-and-tax fiasco, a small victory here and there will not be the end so long as the people pushing this agenda remain in control of Congress.

The mid-term elections are only 15 months away. Evening out the balance of power in Congress is the best way to keep the throat-stampers away from the door.

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  1. A few years ago the media was talking about a "permanent Republican majority"

    There will always be a left and a right, and the mood of the nation swings back and forth between them.

  2. myiq2xu: True. And there will always be the crazy fringe to contend with although this time "the crazy fringe" happens to be a leftist/statist congressional majority. Those with sense need to fight the good fight in order to keep total chaos from reigning. Who needs a bunch of goose-stepping jack-booted fringe lefties trying to cram our rights up our cramholes? Pass!

  3. The mood swung too far this time. The lack of checks and balances is truly dangerous for this country. Government is taking over the private sector at an alarming rate.

  4. I'm going to target some political donations to help turn over Congress in various areas around the country. Beats wasting my $$ on the RNC.

  5. Interesting. Your emailer is paraphrasing O'Brian in Room 101 about "A boot astamping on human history forever," Is he a memebr of the Inner party too?

    Wonder if your Lefty readers can tell us who their Emmanuel Goldstein is this week?