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Saturday, July 25, 2009

French Army Conquers Marseille

The French army finally has won a war. It managed to burn down a suburb of Marseille during artillary pracice without suffering any casualties among its troops:

MILITARY bombing practice has caused one of France's worst fires for three years which continues to rage on the eastern outskirts of Marseille.

The fire has burnt dozens of homes but claimed no victims.

The wildfire was caused by military practice shelling which hit the eastern Trois-Ponts suburb of the southern city forcing the evacuation of scores of residents....

A thick black smoke swirled around the district and many residents angrily criticised the French army which had staged artillery training at its Carpiagne camp just before the fire started.

Regional prefect Michel Sappin confirmed that the blaze had been started by the shelling, lashing out at the "imbecilic" action that had led to "an annoying and serious" situation in a zone close to a city and saying he was "exasperated".

Thanks to Tim Blair for calling this to my attention. I particularly like this comment at his blog post:

It would be delicious if Israel loudly condemned the French Government for accidentally bombing civilian homes and moved a string of motions against them in the UN.
Although I think the following comment was a bit snarky:

How dare the French military set fire to the suburbs! Don’t they know that’s the job of the “youths”?
May there always be a France.

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