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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Everyone Yells At The Stupid Police

On the controversy regarding the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Martha St. Jean at Huffington Post writes:
I believe Gates did what anyone would do, he yelled at the officer, probably called him a few names and maybe told him he was not too smart. Out of wounded pride, I believe the officer decided to arrest the scholar.
Maybe in the world of Huffington Post bloggers everyone yells at the police, calls them names, and tells them they are stupid... and expects no reaction. I think Ms. St. Jean has confused just who is "not too smart."

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  1. From one of the comments in the Martha St. Jean article:

    "I'd like to know what justification they had to come into the house in the first place."

    It's clear this person hasn't even read the complaint and doesn't know any details of the situation. Why would Martha St. Jean choose to quote this person as an example of a race commentary? Clearly the opinion is driven more by ignorance than race.

  2. Well, that is because in the world of Ms. St. Jean and Mr. Gates those with jobs like police or soldiers are beneath their world. They are uneducated barbarians that have yet to be shown the light of their Utopian fantasy world.

    My biggest surprise is a neighbor bothered to get involved. From reading the arrest report and Gates racial profiling side of it; I am more inclined to side with the officer. Your credentials, color and education are not an excuse for a complete lack of common sense, civility and repsect for others.

    From reading the last paragraphs of the arrest report; the arresting officer or officers did show Gates these courtesies by retrieving his cane and house keys.

    I'd love to see someone grill him on the facts of the arrest report. I doubt that would happen though as it wouldn't cause as much controversy.

  3. Clearly, they only office of the law they've met is the bailiff at their divorce hearings.

  4. Since when is disrespecting the police a good thing or something everyone does. I teach my children that no matter what you are always respectful to the police.

  5. Mr. Gates should be grateful to have vigilant neighbors, even if this caused some inconvenience for him. It was unseemly for him to be so disrespectful to the officers, who were there at someone's request to protect his home from what looked like burglary. It is unfair to cry racism to cover for his embarrassment.

  6. Wow. She really said that?

    Just wow!

    I am appalled.

  7. So you are cool with police arresting and handcuffing an individual for yelling inside his own home. It's justifiable, if I understand correctly, even though it has been established that he is the lawful resident of that house. Just so we're clear.

  8. Ahh... But, in the end the liberal, African-American, Harvard professor wins. He has license to cast racial prejudice assertions. The cop is merely qualified to be assigned bigot status. Same as all cops.

    This is the America we all know so well. The America we're, in the words of the illustrious US Attorney General, we are a nation of "cowards" for failing to take part in the great discussion that emanates for Professor Gates' back porch.

    I’d take part, but I’m white. And, male. And Catholic. So, I certainly don’t have license. Huffington Post does have license, though. Ya see?

  9. I'm white, a FEmale and Catholic PLUS I voted for McCain, so I think everyone is a racist. I may even be a racist. Because I would have said the cops did the right thing.

  10. I will post at the other Gates/Cambridge PD entry, but yelling close to a policeman's ear is a common street-wise way to assault and de facto batter somone; it leaves no mark and hence is virtually beyond prosecution. If Gates was yelling close to the officer he should be charged with assaulting and harming an officer.

    The Masked Defender