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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama Hits The Wall

A Democratic pollster is quoted as saying that “this is a president who needs a vacation.” Obama is making a big push on everything all the time, but the polls are moving against him.

If Obama were an endurance cyclist, we'd say he was bonking or hitting the wall. Anyone who has done an endurance sport (sorry, hoops is not an endurance sport) knows the feeling. The glycogen is depleted, the electrolytes are gone, the effort just isn't moving you forward very fast. At a certain point, no matter how hard you work, you seem to move backwards. When you started the race, you hoped for a personal best; now all you want to do is finish to avoid the humiliation of failure.

And so it is for this President. Obama's plan to restructure the health care system is the big race. Obama started with hopes of a personal best, a remaking of America in the image he imagined, but now all he wants to do is finish. Obama only now is realizing that he depleted his political glycogen on the failed stimulus bill.

Obama may make it to the finish line, but at a price. Some Congressmen and Senators will be bought off with pork, some others with promises of campaign help, and others will capitulate after a conversation with Rahmbo.

But the Obama who swayed crowds with promises of hope is gone, diminished with each vote gained through legal bribery and bullying. Obama can finish, but only at the loss of credibility and stature. At this point in the race, there is nothing Obama can do to change this reality.

Obama should rest, but he can't. The patience of the American people is running out, so there is not much time left on the clock. And therein lies the paradox of the Obama presidency.

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  1. Another of his shortcomings -- he can't stop running. Someone should tell him that the campaign is over and now is the time to lead, not the time to continue to spew empty promises and slogans. (In that increasingly more irritating sing-song cadence.) If he takes Pelosi down with him, my dreams will come true.

  2. What Moogie P said. The interesting thing is no one I know is afraid any longer of totally dissing Obama in public with who knows who overhearing. We just don't care. Talk about the bloom being off the rose. We are utterly and completely dog-sick of him.

  3. He continues to campaign because he knows his time is limited the longer people pay attention.

  4. Moogie is correct, the man cannot stop campaigning. It is ALL he knows.

  5. This talking point was already developed on IMAO, as a humorous suggestion to the President:

    "* You tried to destroy too much of the country too quickly. The economy, foreign affairs, the automobile industry, energy, health care — that’s far too much to destroy in one’s first couple months in office without getting people suspicious. You have four years to render America unlivable so spread it out."


  6. He needs a permanent vacation brought on by impeachment. There has to be something to catch him out soon... please.... I cannot stand this man even more so than I could not stand either Carter or Bill Clinton (and Clinton remains statesmanlike in comparison)